Month: August 2019

You are fake

I came across many people from different work areas which where nothing but fake!

Why do people do that? Why do they put a mask on and pretend to be something or someone they are not?

Are they afraid that people would not like them? Are they afraid they might not fulfil the requirements? Do they think they are not good enough? Surely they where not told to play an act?!

One person I came across in hospitality said it straight out: “…it’s all a show, an act, nothing is real about what I say to customers…”

Surely customers can’t be that plain to not see this, right?!

Why not be your true self? And if you can’t be your true self, why not at least be what I call ‘business friendly’?

There is no need to fake your laugh, no one wants this.

It’s a thing that really annoys me! I can see straight away when a person is not genuine and I personally don’t want this.

I believe you can make it much further in life, if you are real, if you can cummunicate what you think and believe.

A bit of honesty will not kill, you know?


Moving to Dublin

In my last post I mentioned, that I moved to Dublin.

Well I received a job offer for a post in Dublin. If I wanted it, I would have to move within 2 weeks to Ireland.

Of course I wanted this job!!! So I quit my old job and since I was still on probation, they couldn’t say anything regarding my sudden notice! They basically bit their own arse by treating me this way and now being short of staff…

As I was saying… oh yes:

I quit my job, found myself a very expansive room, booked a one way flight and not even a week later I was gone.

The plan was that the whole family would relocate to Ireland as my husband had a job interview as well…

I started my new position and the job itself was okay, nothing special, but the wage and the package that came with it was very appealing.

But as for Dublin itself:

No offence, dear Dubliners and everyone who grew fond of Dublin, it is not for me!

My assumption was, that people who lived there are either very rich or very poor and that you would only go to Dublin for work. Work either to get richer or purely to try to survive.

I mean, I booked a room in a landlords house for €850,- per month! And though the landlords where lovely, their house was filthy! Toenails on the living room floor, kitchen tiles, floors and jalousie caked with fats, huge full ashtrays all over the place and 24/7 smoking in all rooms with closed windows. What a delight.

I was viewing other properties closer to my work location for €450,- per month but one of the rooms for example, was shared with 3 (!) other girls without a proper cupboard or opportunity to hang up your clothes…. Sheer madness!

And it seemed to me, that there where more foreigners in Dublin than Irish. And I didn’t like the city at all, there was not much nice architecture, not much greenery or maybe it is because I am spoiled by Edinburgh and it’s beauty.

Also, I was constantly on my own. Even during my lunch breaks as my two new lovely colleagues had other lunch schedules.

I have been living in Scotland for a year now and I love running here in the mountains…. I thought we could do much better, find a better job, better opportunities….

But the reality is, you have to loose something in order to realise how much you miss it.

In my case:

I just missed my family and Scotland.

So one morning when I was packing my things to move to another room, I thought:

I am constantly on my own, the people around me at work are so loud, I can barely concentrate, I hate all this tarmac and the hectic of this city, my children are crying after me, my husband missing me as well-

It’s not worth it! I quit!

So I phoned up my husband and said “how would you find it, if I just quit my job and come home?”

And that’s what I did! Without further hesitation I cancelled the new room, emailed my notice and booked the next flight back home.

Yes, we lost money and it was probably stupid to quit a job without having a new one but you know what?

You can’t buy happiness and where is the point dragging yourself to a job you don’t fully enjoy in an area you dislike so much?

But I needed to do this as otherwise I would have always asked myself ‘what if?’

I’d rather spend my time playing house wife, taking care of everyone and everything, but hey how, news, we need the money!

So I applied for some jobs and just wait and see what happens.


When your boss pisses on your leg…

My apologies for the bland statement, but that is exactly what has happened. Not literally though:

I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but we where thinking in relocating. But I will get to this a bit later.

The story goes like this:

In my previous job we had our “probation chats” at 1, 6 and 12 weeks.

The first week was just how I feel basically, the 6 week talk was about how I can improve and the 12 week if I have improved and whether I passed the probation.

So I was asked into the office by my manager. She couldn’t praise me enough about how hard I am working, that I work on own account and how massively I have improved! So all was positiv!

And than she said, she heard that we want to relocate and I explained that this was just a thought, a thought that would involve Orkney island. And if you know Orkney island you also know that it is not very large and jobs, well good paid jobs are sparse. I also mentioned that I would like to be able to provide for my family incase of unforeseen circumstances…

So after that she says, she would like to extend my probation and if that was okay with me?!

“No, that is not okay”, was my answer! She looked very taken aback, I guess she didn’t expect me to disagree with her.

So I asked if it was because about us relocating and she vehemently denied it, saying that she wouldn’t be allowed to use that as it would be illegal.

So I asked her again for a reason and than she did THE FACE! The face she always does when she is caught lying to customers or grasping for excuses!

First she says that it happened before that I have left the cafe when customers came in… which is rubbish and I could give her a good reason why I might have left the shop! After that she says, that often I only focus on one task and forget everything around me. She tried to explain and explain and explain so I cut her short by saying

“So basically you want me to work on my multitasking skills?” And she was so relieved, she nearly shouted “yes”.

Excuse me? I am the queen of multitasking and even if that was not the case, that is no reason for extending my probation!!!

She went on that she really like my professional and privately and that she would hate to see me leave….she doesn’t want nor does she have the time to train someone new…. bla bla bla….

I can work very well with feedback, good and bad, but the crap from her?! No Missus! She was just annoyed that I don’t appreciated the job as much as she does, but that doesn’t mean, I didn’t do a good job!

From that moment my mind was up and the second I received another job offer, I was gone!

I am at a point where I think, that if you don’t appreciate my hard work, I just turn around and leave!

And it wasn’t only the fact, that she wanted to extend my probation, no, things like constantly working late though I was promised to only work late twice per week, never a full weekend off and always doing the same work despite the promise I would do lots of other things, placed a major factor in my decision as well!

So I quit! And I don’t regret it!

Oh you want to know about my new job? I moved to Dublin!

Read my next post if you are intrigued!