Road Rage

I am a very patient person (my husband would laugh now, but I believe I am!)

But when it comes to driving…. well it is not that I would beeb my horn or show others the stinky finger but I wonder what other drivers possesses to do certain things:

For one:

Do not buy a fast car if you don’t know how to work it. Where is the point in owning a fast car when you drive 30mph on a 60 road??? Is it annoy others? I don’t care how nice and shiny your car is from behind, you know?


Why do you break every, yes EVERY SINGLE TIME before a corner??? Just step off the gas on time or don’t drive so fast!


There is no need to drive 20mph in snowy conditions on straight bits! I know this is Scotland and often there is no grid to be seen, but heck, 20mph?! Really? On flat and straight bits? What do you do behind the wheel? Biting it? If you are too scared to drive in snow stay at home!


When you are on the motorway, don’t drive on the middle or far right lane when the first  (second) is totally free! What is going on in your head? Do you think you drive a tank and therefor the first lane is too narrow for your itsy-bitsy car? Ts….

The above are really annoying things.

Just. Don’t. Do. It! Thanks


One thought on “Road Rage

  1. When I read this a few weeks back I found myself wanting to take a particular turn on my way to work without applying the break. Having only learnt to drive last year I wondered if I couldn’t do it because I’m a terrible driver but then I’ve come to the conclusion that it must just be impossible to do such a tight turn without breaking, however, my obsession is such that each morning I try. I’m not sure I should be thanking you but I do love a good obsession.


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