Confession of a driver

I have had my driving licence for around 22 years now and I only have once (!!!) tried to put air into my tyres-

until recently.

Yep, that is right, I only tried it once. Back then we did not have those fancy electronic machines who actually did it all for you. No, back then I got more air out than in and so I never tried it again.

I always made my father, husband or whoever was around do it for me.

But past Saturday I had to do it myself as my front tyres where almost flat, the garage’s air & cleaner was not working and I was actually on my way to Lanark to buy a siamese kitten.

So out I went to the next village/garage. Parked, read instructions, unplugged everything, coins in, pressure to 30, air on and voila, the air actually went and stayed in.

No big deal as it turns out.


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