This year no (running) summer blues!

Every year I get the summer blues like many get the winter blues.

Yes, really! The warmer it gets, the fouler my mood! It is the heat. It makes me lazy and lethargic.

But since I started running again, I am determined not to get run over by this reoccurring little devil.

Oh no!

I didn’t do any running for over a year and I didn’t miss it. I thought maybe I lost my mojo, but when I got out, running in Swaledale with hubby, I really got in the mood.

Sure, my overall condition was far from good and I was yapping for air, but I felt good!

To see how good and if my knee would hold up, husband and me ran every second day and to push it even further it was always a hill run and my knee was surprisingly fine!

The other day we ran part of the DT20 race route but kept it to a 10 miler. Climbing up Fremington Edge is really tough but the more often you do it, the easier it gets.

I know I could run a half marathon, but I just need to get back to my old form. The longer the run, the more relaxed I get.

And there is nothing nicer than the feeling when you have archived a marathon or even ultra marathon.

So my aim for now is to keep on doing hill training in the Dales up until we move house and next year I want to do the Isle of Arran ultra which this nice fella wrote about:

Ultraboy runs.

I am sure that’s how he calls himself, but I just couldn’t find him though I always followed his posts.


That is the race I want to run next year! So fingers crossed to keep up the good running spirits!


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