Beautiful Edinburgh

Past week we travelled up to Edinburgh for business and a stroll around.

I have been to Edinburgh many times before but every time it takes my breath away.

After many years loving the big city I decided it is time for a rural location to live.

I got really tired to all this hectic and no “hellos” in big cities. And that was not only in one city in particular, no it was all over the UK.

But not in good old Edinburgh! There is not a single area I don’t like and even people seem more relaxed and would I have the budget (sadly money is still not growing out of my pocket, but I am working on a solution), I would definitely consider this beautiful place my forever home!

Maybe I am spoiled because every time I have been to Edinburgh I always had good weather and good weather in my case is dry weather!

But hey, should we eventually get the house (surely you read my last post), I am only a short hop away! And should I even find work in Edinburgh, I get to be there every day.

Happy days, happy daydreaming (though I also daydream of Orkney….).


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