Finding the right house

Oh where do I start???

Finding the right house for us is so difficult.

If it was up to me, I would have chosen a house which is more traditional, something like a cottage with a lot of fireplaces and a nice big garden like my grandma had for the children.

It would be, of course, in Scotland, as Scotland is my happy place!

The location ideally should have a train station and should not be too far away from the next bigger city to get to work.

It should have at least 4 bedrooms and a shower as I absolutely detest bathtubs.

Not to forget wooden flooring. If you have 4 wild children, okay, okay and a wild mother, carpets will not stay clean for long! And I am sick of scrubbing on all fours on a regular basis stains out of carpets plus don’t you think wooden flooring is so pretty?

So far so good.

If it was up to my husband it would be a new built, a bathtub and a study for him. That is all he wants. He doesn’t even think about how to get to work as he believes, it is cheaper to go by car. In the long run I believe, public commuting is easier and cheaper as you don’t have to maintain busses and trains yourself, but okay, what do I know?!

I always have seen myself growing old in a location by the beach.

We went from

Edinburgh (too expansive for our budget) to

Isle of Skye (highly unlikely my children will stay on the island if they want to pursue a career) to

Isle of Arran (hello jobs?!) to

Isle of Orkney (hubby thinks we can’t get jobs, I disagree as the island is seeking for more people to live there) to

St. Andrews (again too expansive) to

Aberdeen (also quite expansive) to

Garelochhead (only house up there was not in the best condition) to

Glasgow coast (a house we wanted got sold to someone else) back to

Fife area

where we, after travelling along the coast house viewing, put an offer down on a house which is beautiful but not in the location I would have desired.

I wanted coast, I got the Firth of Forth.

I wanted a train station,  the village only has a bus station.

Well at least there is a huge national park/mountains nearby which is also very important for outdoor activities.

However,the offer was accepted, around £13.000 under the market price, but slightly over our budget as we have to put down a whopping deposit of £38.500!

Yes, I was choking too and wished we would have just continued looking for a house on Orkney as the prices are lower and jobs are developing.

So back to the deposit. The deposit we are still waiting on. My dearest father will lend us the money but is waiting for the money himself from a property he sold.

You see, though we already signed the papers for the mortgage, we, no my husband actually, is worried we might not get the money in time and therefor the mortgage lender could retract the offered amount.

According to my father and the contract, the money should arrive by the end of this month, but I heard that so many times before.

As everyone who was or is in a similar situation may know, blood pressure is high at the current moment.

Oh, totally forgot to mention, we have to be out of our current humble abode by the first of August which was already extended from the first of June!

So what if the house buy falls through?

I wonder how difficult it would be to find something to rent? As again, my husband wants a different location than me! He would want to be near Edinburgh because of work which I totally get, but my heart is still up in Orkney because I believe we could make it work!

Well I shall keep you updated.


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