What my future may hold

Like so many teenagers I was not really interested in school.

Don’t get me wrong, as a good girl would, I went to school every day and arrived on time, I followed the lessons and tried to get whatever teachers threw at me into my head.

Thing is:

I always had to work really hard to get somewhat good grades and having parents who eventually have given up on me because they didn’t know what else to do to make me understand that school, as boring as it seems, is very important, didn’t help either.

Most subjects in school didn’t interest me and the

now I begin to see

moment just wouldn’t sink in. At. All.

So I graduated with what you would call average, more or less, was trained as a law secretary, again only average as this was the last job available and not really what I wanted….

Forward 20 odd years later with 4 children and a husband I finally realized that I could have done so much better. And that realization niggled at me for quite some time.

It is a shame really that humans don’t be born wise! What troubles could we spare us!

So I started to study anatomy and physiology to become a sports massage therapist and passed!

I learned so much, did online quizzes, studied with flashcards until I got everything in my head and while I did so I thought, that is exactly what I should have done back then! I should have learned and put effort in.

Yeah well, should have, could have, would have… we can’t turn back time so I pushed the thought away.

As I said, I passed and can call myself a sports massage therapist from now on.


Question is, will I find something? I actually wanted to get another diploma for traditional Swedish massage, but money at the moment is more than tight.

OK, tight is the understatement of the day, heck what do I say, of the month!

We are skinned as we are going to move house, hopefully mid July but there are so many ginormous stones in our way, you have no idea, but if you are interested in why, read my next blog!


One thought on “What my future may hold

  1. I agree. God gave us brains but not wisdom and it was left to us to figure out what we wanted to do in our lives. And not everyone made the right choices. I am happy for you to have learnt the art of massaging. Who knows what that might bring? By the way, i read your next post as well about moving house and wish that you get tgd house of your choice without financial problems. Life is so full of challenges to overcome …

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