via Daily Prompt: Premature

I never thought I would give birth to a premature baby, even when he was born only 6 weeks early.

The first two times I was pregnant I was induced as labour just wouldn’t happen and my babies more than content in their little quarter.

9 days the first time overdue and 4 days the second, because I threatened the hospital I wouldn’t leave the premises until my baby is born!

Well as it happens my body didn’t want to deliver the natural way. It was like my lady parts where on strike.

So c-sections it was which was fine as I thought, as long my babies are safe and healthy I don’t care which way they are delivered.

Number 3 was a planned c-section as number with number 2 I had a hidden rupture which means, the outer layers of the c-section scar started to open…

Apparently everything was fine according to the doctors so we where blessed with our final baby number 4 but at 27 weeks I developed a burning sensation around the scar.

I phoned my midwife first, she told me to phone the hospital straight away and keep her updated. So I phoned the maternity ward in hospital (back then we where based in Holland) and explained the problem and also that I had a hidden rupture before. They said, they don’t think it is something major and wouldn’t see me, but could give me an appointment in a weeks time!

I put the phone down and redialled my midwife for further assistance. What can I say? She was great, got me an appointment for the same day in Germany near the Dutch/German border.

When we arrived and I explained to the CHIEF (such a lovely understanding gentlemen!) of the hospital what ales me he asked me to come through right away for a scan.

It turned out my scar thinned down to only 5cm-

A healthy thickness of such a scar would be between 10 and 13cm!

To keep it short:

After staying in the comfy hospital bed (showering only once per week while sitting on a chair) for 7 weeks with a lot of drips/tubes (very uncomfortable to sleep with) and medication, they planned the c-section at 34+0 weeks as the scar thinned further down to 3cm and they did not want to risk a complete rupture.

So my beautiful baby boy was born at 34+0 weeks with 2600g and 46cm.

Although the nurses and doctors told me he was big and heavy for his week, to me he looked so tiny (my heaviest/biggest was 4830g and 57cm!), in an incubator with lots of tubes sticking out of him and his lungs where not fully developed so that it also looked like he has a whole in the chest.

But after a week they removed almost all tubes and after 2 weeks I was even able to breast feed him. 10 weeks later in total we where allowed home.

Today you wouldn’t know he was premature. He is a healthy wild boy and I love him like all my other children to bits!

I would have loved two more little ones, but the risk of another hidden rupture is just too high and I wouldn’t want my baby to be born under such circumstances (again).


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