Past life

I always wondered, why I felt so attached to the UK.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by everything English speaking, by the people who looked so different than us Germans.

Back then we had some British TV channels, which I watched with great delight and as soon I could read, I would read my big brothers English school books, though I did not know whether I pronounced it correct, nor did I know what it meant.

I always thought, if there is such thing as a former life, I am sure, I must have lived somewhere on my beloved island.

So recently I tried one of those past life regression hypnosis videos and followed the instructions.

While I was lying in bed all cozy, I started to relax, my body grew heavier….

And this is what I have seen in my mind:

My name was David, I was a blond boy, around 10 years old. I have worn 3/4 brown worn out pants and a light white/cream shirt.

I lived 1818 on a farm. Either the farm was called Arwy or Aerwy (welsh, I think) or it was my surname.

My mothers name was Evelyn and I had a sister,  which was close my age. I think I had a father as well, but have seen this person only once on a field, working.

I also have seen myself (the boy) sitting on a wooden table, eating out of a white metal bowl and we where a happy family.

I died 1828. I have seen myself lying dead in my clothing on the bed, my mother and sister crying. I did not see me father, he might have been dead by then.

And what I felt was, that I should live life and be happy.

That was so strange, so surreal. But it also reflects my now life. Back then I might have not had much, but I was happy, just like it is now.

One day, I will go back in time to see, if there where more lives as it was so  interesting and exciting to find out about the past and I like to believe what I saw, was real and not something my mind made up.


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