Lukewarm Showers

A couple of weeks ago I read about a study.

Participants where advised to shower cold or lukewarm for a whole year. Those who showered lukewarm (or even cold, brrrrr.) lost 3kg within this year!

“Wow”, I thought. 3kg in a year without extra exercise or diet, just lukewarm water? I can do that!

Well since I am really looking after my body, inside and outside, I thought:

“Shower cold or lukewarm? And maybe loosing up to 3 extra kilos? Why not?! I can do that! Even if I don’t loose extra kilos, at least I may get tighter skin, so either way a bonus!”

Right? Right!

The other extra bonus no one mentioned in this study/article:

How much water you safe!!!!

I am like hopping around, trying not to slip in the bathtub while under the cold stream, screaming and squeaking like something that got hit by a car, also trying to get the shower gel/scrub/solid shampoo lathered all over me, back off with a shower which doesn’t have much power at all!

I think unless I am in a hurry, I never have been that fast under the shower ever before!

Well, let’s hope it does work and if not, well at least I do something for the environment!



Thoughts to the one word prompt “Lukewarm”


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