Month: February 2017

I Squat

People tell you, if you want a nice round and firm bottom, you should squat!

Squats are oh so highly recommended and praised!

And since we don’t get younger, of course I do squats! Of.Course!

I do them slow…. and no, I don’t go too deep or not  too deep, just as it should be!

And I do 200 of them stinging burning nasty little things. Mostly together with a kettle bell to have some extra weight and pain.

If it doesn’t hurt, it is no fun!

The more it hurts, the more fun you have! Hey, ho…..

And why do I do this unmerciful regime almost everyday along with other types of sport?

Because, hellooooooo, I am in my 30s!

We all know that once you hit the big 3 0 everything slows down and if you don’t take care of yourself and work a little bit harder, you can sadly, with tears in your eyes, wave at your former radiant younger looking you, who is falling hysterically laughing down the edge!

Nope, I squat because I’d like my bum to stay where it is:

Up… and more or less firm…. and not down below my knee pits!


Thoughts to the one word prompt “squat”


Miracles are God….

….and God is forgiveness!

Sometimes when the time seems to get tougher and tougher and it feels like I am in free fall and there is nothing that could stop it….

I try to be very still. I go inside me and search for a miracle.

I try to hold onto my faith and talk to God and wait for an answer or a sign or even a miracle.

I hope that God hears me and has not forgotten about me because,

for once, I would like to go the easy way, I don’t want to see the rocky path, so hear me out, please, I’d like a miracle….


Lukewarm Showers

A couple of weeks ago I read about a study.

Participants where advised to shower cold or lukewarm for a whole year. Those who showered lukewarm (or even cold, brrrrr.) lost 3kg within this year!

“Wow”, I thought. 3kg in a year without extra exercise or diet, just lukewarm water? I can do that!

Well since I am really looking after my body, inside and outside, I thought:

“Shower cold or lukewarm? And maybe loosing up to 3 extra kilos? Why not?! I can do that! Even if I don’t loose extra kilos, at least I may get tighter skin, so either way a bonus!”

Right? Right!

The other extra bonus no one mentioned in this study/article:

How much water you safe!!!!

I am like hopping around, trying not to slip in the bathtub while under the cold stream, screaming and squeaking like something that got hit by a car, also trying to get the shower gel/scrub/solid shampoo lathered all over me, back off with a shower which doesn’t have much power at all!

I think unless I am in a hurry, I never have been that fast under the shower ever before!

Well, let’s hope it does work and if not, well at least I do something for the environment!



Thoughts to the one word prompt “Lukewarm”