Month: January 2017

You & Me


After all this time love is still running through us

Like clear water in a stream

And dipping my feet in soothes it all


You lost yourself in the blue of my eyes

The very first moment you saw me and

You are still wondering how to escape


Skipping around in your mind

Day and night makes the butterflies

In your belly go wild


You pull the sky over me with your smile

As we dance  and

Everything else becomes trivial


Drifting through a sea of fire

I am loosing myself

But your grip around my heart is tight


I am floating far far away

On your words

In the warm summer rain


The bitter sweet past long gone

We are reaching for the stars

Not knowing what tomorrow will bring






Emotional pain- Do.Not.Touch.

There are people out there, who needs comforting when in pain, emotional and/or physical.

They like to be hugged, talked to and well fed and I don’t know what else, which is totally okay!

And then there is me:

When I am in any kind of pain, I don’t want to be touched. Or talked to. Unless I am ready and say so!

I feel highly uncomfortable when someone wants to hug me when I am sad and down and nothing a person could say or do, would make it better in that very moment. Nothing!

All I want is to be alone, work it out myself, let it all out and get over it.

When I did all the above, than, but only than I might be ready for talks and hugs.

That has nothing to do with the person who wants to help, that is just me.

In the end, we all have to fight our own battles, right?



On my knees

I never thought how lonely I could be

Waiting  for you down on my knees

Believing you would come back to me


One day you would come back

One day

You would make it right


So I am waiting down on my knees

Day after day

Hour after hour


Maybe my mind was playing me

Thinking you loved me as much as I loved you

Hot and cold at the same time


Sanity left when I met you

Riding along with the four winds

Turning my world upside down


With ease you brought me to my knees

You are all I ever wanted

But all you left was a hole in my heart


Feeling beyond battled

The remaining of my heavy heart

Keeps on fighting


And so I shall remain


Down on my knees