Relationships shouldn’t be difficult!!!

I am following an interesting blog of a women who is currently dating but she hasn’t found Mr. Right yet.

For some reason early in her relationships their are situations which makes being together rather difficult than relaxing. In the end they call it off…. or they try it a bit later again, just to realize it really doesn’t work.

Often I would like to tell her, that she should move on, that he seems just not really interested in her, but you know what? If you don’t realize it yourself, it doesn’t matter what someone else says!

I have seen this all before! In my own previous relationships. Sometimes when something got difficult, like a very jealous boyfriend who just couldn’t bring himself to trust me, I just left…. sometimes I was so stupid to stay and work it out…. and work it out….. and work it out….. in the end my brain started to function again after all the “hard work” and I left because there was no working out.

Now I wonder why  people try to work things out early on? Why wasting precious time trying to make it work. There are signs! Why not open your eyes and listen to what is going on!

A relationship shouldn’t be difficult. At least not early in a relationship. It should be all lovey-dovey, it should just feel right and if it doesn’t feel right, why wasting time? Why not move on to someone who fits us better?

Sure, when time goes by, you can always hit a rocky path, but this is the rocky path you walked  together. And that is the point:

If it fits, you choose the path together and walk in one direction. If it gets rocky, you help one another.

If you meet someone, dating someone and it turns out you walk in opposite directions, save yourself heartache, leave before it starts to hurt!

Tell yourself, “it’s not meant to be! Someone better will wait around the corner!”

Just saying!


5 thoughts on “Relationships shouldn’t be difficult!!!

  1. Whew! LOL, but…
    As a woman who should have escaped some dumb relationships days, weeks, months, or years before I actually left, it’s easier said that done. Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20.
    I believe in reason, season, and life time because there’s something in every interaction that changes us and makes us grow. Those idiot relationships help us identify and discover those incredible relationships and something key about ourselves.
    I agree you can’t open someone else’s eyes, and I believe you just stand on the sidelines to keep them from hurting or embarrassing themselves too bad, LOL.
    God bless whoever owns that blog you’re referencing…I still think it’s low key me, LOL!!!
    Love your blog, ma’am!!!

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    1. I agree, we learn from our stupid (relationship) mistakes. When I look back, I want to slap myself for being so stupid, for not leaving earlier and most importantly, for wasting precious time.
      When my grandma asked years ago, why I have been with XY, I used to reply, “because I was mentally deranged”. Sometimes, or sometimes quite often the the connection between heart and brain/mind seem to be disturbed and yes, I agree, it is often easier said then done, SIGH. But hey, what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger!

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