Working Class

Recently I watched “Sex and the city” (I just love the series) and whenever one of those ladies have a (new) date, they meet for dinner and I wondered:

Is that a rich thing, or did I interact with the wrong people? Or is it a culture thing?

When I was still out there dating, not once did a man suggest to pick me up for dinner! A nice cafe once in a while (and even that was rare) but that was it.

Something tells me, that it is a rich thing indeed. Or maybe something wealthy people or people with a high income are able to do as this is what there clientele, family and friends does.

I, however, belong to the species “working class”. Which is my own fault! I know that! I could have put more effort in when I was still in school. But I didn’t. I belonged to the stupid teenagers who only did what was necessary to get a half way decent final school report.

And after I finished and passed my 3 year job training, yes, even then I was still stupid and didn’t take a good job offer….

Just now I just watched the latest episode of “Shameless” and I can relate to it in so many ways. I have seen families like this, was friends with them and some things happened to me as well.

When I watch this show, I can feel their desperation, I know what’s it like not to know how to survive the month. I know how the head ticks when you have to come up with a solution, how it feels like when all you want to do is cry and run away… it is a tough world…

Don’t get me wrong, my husbands wage is higher than most others and I recently got myself a job as well, but we have 4 children, a loan to pay off, next to no savings (hence why I got a job as well) and want to buy a house in the near future.

We are a happy family and can be lucky to have each other… it is okay to be working class and work hard for your money, but sometimes, just sometimes I wish it was easier and the weight on the shoulders a bit lighter.

That’s all…


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