There it is…the vegan glow- BUT

I might not have had the pregnancy-glow (at least I didn’t see it or maybe my eyesight is/was not the greatest), but finally, finally the vegan glow knocked on my door!

Yes, I still get the odd spot every now and then, especially when I try a new product, my skin reacts like a cat you try to bath, but compared to what it was before, that is okay.

But, and here it comes, why don’t want my love-handles shrink?!

And no, dearest (check out her blog, she is a very funny bee), I WILL NOT embrace it!

You see those good looking, slim, slender, vegan people like Freelee, or Woody Harrelson. They look young, they are slim at all the right places and you think

“I am a healthy living vegan, junk only once per week, why don’t I look more like them???”

Of course I belong to the species “normal human being”. Unfortunately with very stubborn love-handles and it drives me mental!

I am a slim person, I exercise, I eat healthy, but those little sh.ts….BIG SIGH….

Well I presume every woman knows how it feels when the desired areas won’t shrink or change the way or in the time you want it.

Only solution? Hm…. sadly money is not growing out of my pockets, so no personal trainer, cook and/or surgery for me, instead keep on eating healthy and exercise a bit harder!

Happy weekend everyone!


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