I turned into someone….

I used to shake my head at!

You know those people who take a pill the very second they feel a slight scratch in their throat, an ache in the joins or slight pressure behind the eyes???

I used to shake my head at said people, tried to lecture them, that taking medicine straight away for a teeny niggle is not necessary! I just couldn’t understand why they did/do it.

And this morning I found myself doing the very same thing!

It started a few days ago. I had a slight scratchy throat and one (!) side of my nose was blocked (only in the morning!!!), but I thought, okay, maybe I didn’t get enough oxygen during the night. I didn’t think that maybe the constant coughing, kisses with sloppy noses and getting touched with tiny dirty fingers which belong to my two little children (who are suffering from a cold at the moment), could be the cause!

I woke up this morning with a slight pressure in my head, scratchy throat and next to no appetite. And I am always hungry when I wake up!

And what did I do?! I have taken Nurofen tablets because I couldn’t even bare the thought of getting ill. Every time I catch a cold, I am suffering for weeks from a painful sinus infection. You know, your nose and everything around is blocked, eyes stinging and you want to bang your head through a wall, because of the headache you have 24/7.

I don’t want that nor can I afford it!

After all I just got myself a job and I, being in need of money,  am afraid I could get fired.

So, yes, I have taken medicine right away. SIGH, I guess sometimes you just have to do what is necessary.

Let’s hope those nasty what ever it is I might have caught, will move on….


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