From city-girl to country-girl

I grew up in a small town and hated it til the second I moved away!

Always did I want to live in the big city and could not understand, why my parents are fine with their choice which seems to suffocate me.

Until recently I couldn’t picture myself to live for the rest of my life in a (small) town.

I loved the varieties a big city had to offer, the millions of shops, the anonymity and therefor being invisible among a big crowd which seems to rush around like tiny ants.

To see new faces every day was so exciting, that people didn’t pay much attention to you was pleasant.

Until yesterday morning some tiny doubts still lingered in the back of my head:

Will I be really happy with the decision to live in the countryside and/or on an isle??? Will I not miss the “big-city-life”?

Yesterday morning I had to drive down to Leeds to apply for my national security number.

It was not so much that I started to sweat because I couldn’t find anywhere to park (common thing in cities). It also didn’t really bother me that, when I finally found a parking lot and realized I don’t have any change, I sweated even more while dragging a 2-year along to the next shop to get change…

No… what I realized was the dot over the “i”, the cherry on the cake, the last bit that would push you over the edge:

If we would move to a big city or bigger town, it would be very difficult (again) to make friends. People would not smile at you and say “hello” though you are a total stranger. People wouldn’t take care of you, people just wouldn’t know you.

Would I be able to knock on the neighbor’s door, to borrow something or ask if they could look after the little ones for whatever reason or drive me to the doc? I highly doubt it!

I stood still for a moment and looked around.

Everything was so fast moving, everyone more or less in rush, next to no smiles on peoples faces, no “hellos”, no opportunity for the children to run wild, no green spots and I realized, I don’t like that anymore! Not for me and also not for my family.

The last doubts where blown away there and then.

It is funny how time can change your view of things.

However, when it is time to finally settle down (I hope sooner rather than later), we will do it very quietly. We will not tell a single soul because we don’t want anyone to intervene. We just don’t want anyone to influence our decision.

I already imagine their faces when we phone them up to inform:

“Hey, we live in/on now …. our new address is….”

It is nice to do things the way I/WE want it, don’t you think?



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