British (fake) politeness

Recently someone answered to a post (can’t even recall the original post), that he/she is sick of the fake British politeness!

I was a bit taken aback, to be honest.

One of the reasons why I always wanted to come and live in the UK was because everyone here is so friendly and polite. Of course there are exceptions, but so what?

To get to the point:

I rather live in a land who fake their politeness then to constantly bump into a..holes!!! Who cares whether their politeness is true or not?

As long I get a reply to my “hello” (from strangers) or a “how are you?” I am fine because it makes me feel good inside, it puts a smile on my lips especially when I had a bad day. Such things can lighten up your mood!

I lived in two countries where the majority of people where quite rude and am glad to be here now!

If more people would get their act together and act a bit more polite, it would help make the world a bit better, don’t you think?



One thought on “British (fake) politeness

  1. I live in the American South where politeness is taught in nursery school! When I first arrived here, I made the mistake of misinterpreting people’s politeness and sweet hospitality for friendship. Having lived in the northeast part of the country where people are different, I understood that if someone was nice to me, they possible wanted to be my friend…not so in the South. Here, they’re just showing you courtesy and hospitality…like they were taught to do. It doesn’t mean that they want to befriend you, or that they even like you. Perhaps this is what the commenter meant by “fake” politeness.

    Still, on any given day, I prefer to be able to step into an elevator and say good morning to the guy next to me without being looked at like I have three heads. And for crying out loud, if I smile or say hello to a stranger, it’s nice to get a reply or at least an acknowledgement that I exist! Fake or not, these tiny human connections can really a difference in some people’s day.

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