The simplicity of life

I think I am turning into a modern sort of hippie!

It started with my clothes. I binned or sold all clothes I didn’t wear the past year. I looked in my cupboard and drawer and felt this unease… there was so much… it was so full and I didn’t like the look of it. I even sold some of my running gear!

I did the same with rest of my families belongings, though I had to be quick so they wouldn’t find out or realize something is missing!

Then there was the issue that we spend a lot for groceries. So to maintain a healthy life style, I stopped buying processed food and went back to veg and fruit only. No meat and sweets only on our shitty Fridays.

Yes, I often get long faces when they come home to see what their beloved mother and wife created (with all her love) for a lovely veggie dinner. But hey ho, I know when they are grown up they will be thankful that I didn’t listen to their insults of calling me a bad mommy who doesn’t want to feed them proper food! THAT IS OKAY!!!

And if I could, I would grow my own veg which brings me to the next point:

I would like nothing more than to  own a house. We decided to buy on the Isle of Arran which is very beautiful. My only fear is, that I won’t have my grand babies around. Let’s face it, most of the young people go to the mainland to learn something proper, go to college or university. Not many come back because living on the island/make a living is mostly tourism and farming… but you can’t have it all, can you?

Even my thoughts changed somehow. Many years ago I couldn’t imagine myself in a small place, I loved big cities, the anonymity… now I wish nothing more to live in the countryside and know every person I would pass and say “hello” to.

I would like to keep everything as simple as possible…. there is a reason why people from the 50s where the happiest. Life was easier, people carefree… money probably not that important.

It is funny how we change the older we get…

But who knows what my thoughts will be in a years time???


One thought on “The simplicity of life

  1. Sometimes changes and getting rid of all the clutter and things we tend to hang on to… Help clear the mind.. And we get a surge or a boost.. To do something different..
    And when we finally slow down.. We have doubts..
    But rest assured.. You will will get used to the change.. And be happy that you did..
    Be grateful for having the choice…


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