I was a cheat!

Recently when my husband and me went for a walk in the evening, cheating came up. And I said to him, before I met him I always cheated!

He was a bit taken aback and asked, if I cheated on every boyfriend.

I was thinking about that…. and tried to explain:

When it went down with a relationship, and I don’t deny that is was possibly on me, I cheated.

BUT the next day or even the same day, I ended my relationship because I knew cheating is not OK unless you have an open relationship and/or your other half is fine with it.

For some reason I thought, that it doesn’t really qualify as cheating when I end my relationship straight away, but it does, doesn’t it?!

You want to know why I cheated? The answer is simple:

Because I wasn’t in love and didn’t care (enough) about my boyfriend(s)! I wasn’t married and therefor I still had the “Free-As-A-Bird” status which allowed me to do as I pleased.

Do I regret that I cheated? No I don’t, because I never told my boyfriend(s) the said reason which topped the break-up which would have made the heartache for them even worse. I think cheating was my reason to end a relationship for good.


Nobody deserves to get cheated at. It is just wrong and the one who got cheated at will always asked themselves, what they did wrong!


Thoughts on the one word prompt “cheat”.


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