A happier vegan

I just finished the 4th season of “Nashville”.

While I watched the last few episodes online (in the UK it will be on telly later this year, I think), I came across a actress which I used to watch in a 90s series.

Back then I always thought, she looks so beautiful but when I have seen her now, I was a bit shocked about how old she looks now! I don’t want to say who it is, because I don’t want to offend her. She is still beautiful but looks in this show older than she actually is.

She looks tired and has puffy eyes and I wondered, if it has something to do with her life style or the way she eats or even if she is sick.

And I thought, do I want to look like that in 3 years time? Frightened. No, I don’t and the thought that I am on a vegan life style now, put me back at ease!

Then the very handsome Woody Harrelson came in my mind. And this lovely vegan individual person looks much younger than 55 and is practically glowing!

Sometimes you need a trigger to do the last step to get rid of bad habits! I found my trigger and am a bit happier now.

Though I still think, pizza is not the same without cheese but  that is fine with me now!


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