I’d like to kick my daughter to the moon!

Yes, it seems a bit harsh to some, but I would like, no I would LOVE to kick my teenage daughter to the moon… and even further!!!

Yes, this is a RANT blog!

She drives me out of my mind!

She has been away at her grandparents for three weeks (oh what for a bliss that was!). While she was away, my hubby found out that our dear daughter got several hidden social media accounts where she pretended to be older than she is, with a lot of pictures where you can see cleavage…

Yes, most teenage girls  do pretend to be older and yes, they post a lot of pictures (the worst ones to me are the “duck-face” ones which to be honest rather look like a cats bum!!!) But the thing is, there where a lot of men, MUCH older men talking to her and we all know there are a lot of perverts out there-

A naive young girl does not!!!

However, my beloved husband sorted it out straight away via phone, explained her mistakes/thoughtless actions, also asked why she hid them from us and also told her, that she has to change her attitude towards us which she ruefully agreed to!

Yeah, that was a good one!

Attitude, attitude, and did I mention it yet? ATTITUDE is all I get!

She barely gets her lazy behind of her bed! If I would start to recite what I get to hear all day long, you would either fall asleep or at least your bum cheeks, probably both!

It is a good thing, that I practice yoga on a regular basis, so despite the fact that she drives me mental I am still quite “zen”, but there is only so much a person can and should take, right???

But it’s okay! She got her own maid!

Someone who washes her laundry, puts her laundry back in the cupboard, shops and cooks, clothes and provides a roof over her!

Do I expect a “thank you”? No,


So yes, I wish I could kick her for a while, long enough to get VERY hungry and think about her actions, to the moon!!!

And while I do so, I lean back on the sofa and enjoy the peace… as much peace as you get with three more children around, but that is okay!


Thoughts to the one word prompt “Moon”


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