Happy Vegan???

Why? Why me? Why do I belong to the ones on the other side???

For three or four weeks now I am on a vegan diet. Well no. The word “diet” is not appropriate as I never diet. The word “diet” is often associated with restricted calorie intake/less food.

In my case I eat like a horse! That is the only good thing so far!

Before my vegan lifestyle, I heard and read so many things about veganism, how people lost a lot of weight, how their skin was glowing, how healthy and energetic and frankly super good they are doing.

Me? I didn’t experience any of the above mentioned symptoms. The only thing I realized, I am feeling lighter despite the fact that I eat so huge amounts of fruit and veg.

It is the same when I got pregnant, I couldn’t wait to have this incredible baby bump and look all cute… The reality was, I just looked fat with a huge baby bump and huge ass where you could have put a tea cup on each bum cheek. Reckon you look fat when you gain 60 pounds!

Then when I started breastfeeding, I was assured, to loose the weight without doing anything as you burn calories while feeding the baby. Yeah, that was a good one! I had to fight for every single pound and really lost them when I stopped Β  breastfeeding!

So what about the hailed vegan transformation?! Where is the slender body??? The glow??? It’s not that I feel lethargic or hungry… but why don’t my love handles melt?! Huh? At least that! Is that too much asked for? They are really persistent which is a outrage!!!

Yes, yes I know it takes time…the body needs between three and six month to detox from animal products and no, I will not go back but still, for once I would like to fit in like everyone else, BIG SIGH…


18 thoughts on “Happy Vegan???

  1. Awesome rant!!!! Lol. I have felt the same way when I changed my eating lifestyle. But I had to keep reminding myself that it took me my whole life to get this way, and it’s gonna take a minute to get to where I want to be. Be happy with what you’re doing to make yourself healthy ☺

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  2. You are funny xD Exercising can help πŸ™‚ but you don’t have to be skinny to be vegan. The most important part is caring for the animals πŸ™‚


  3. Oooooh … My… I’m fighting the same problem.. But I’m not doing vegan.. It’s a thought though…
    Isn’t it so strange how conscious we get with change of our bodies… I was always this skinny girl growing up.. Always on some weight gain program… Now.. Me trying to lose a few pounds


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