Wish to have the flu?!

In a moment of madness or shall I rather call it sheer desperation, I wished I have the flu!

What happened?

I was in bed rather early yesterday due to overeating! I had dinner and a whole bag of sweet popcorn. Usually I do one or the other because I know I will feel sick, if I have both but yesterday I was just greedy.

So off to bed I went, feeling too full. I was turning and tossing around and when I finally fell asleep, Cash kept on waking me up either by putting his leg over my neck or searching in his sleep for me and finally at 4am he sat straight in the middle of the bed, asking for cocoa over and over again until I got up; still with my sleeping mask on!

When we returned to bed, he quickly fell asleep but has been restless and just wouldn’t let me sleep.

Close to tears I thought,

I wish I had the flu! When you have the flu at least you sleep! And when you can’t sleep you swallow a concoction which knocks you out for the next 24h!

Totally forgotten, that when you have the flu and 4 children at home, it doesn’t matter whether you are ill or not, there is no chance that you can sneak into bed for a nice nap! Also forgotten that you feel quite sh.tty!

Did I mention that when I got up this morning, I still felt queasy? And that I don’t have much of an appetite? Obviously my eyesight is not the best either, because when my mobile just rang, I was certain it said “hubby mobile” so I picked up with the usual

“Hello, what do you want?!” phrase just to have the nurse from the medcentre asking for me. Whoops… fortunately she found it amusing when I explained that I expected my husband to phone.

Well as for the flu or wishes in general:

Be careful what you wish for!



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