In my “wild days”, before I got married, I had a “friend with benefits” which lasted 13 years! Yes, you got that right!

13 YEARS!!! And we even managed to keep it hidden!

Now I can hear you say

We live in a modern world, “friends with benefits” are a common thing. True!


you should know, both, him and me, where always in  relationships when we used to meet! Though when “it” happened, I used to end my relationships as I didn’t want to cheat or keep on cheating whereas he remained in his.

Of course it was forbidden to meet, to phone and text each other on a regular basis! It was oh so naughty and that’s why it was so much fun… Forbidden? Pfffff…. really? Explain forbidden, please!

Thoughts on the one prompt word “Forbidden”.


One thought on “Forbidden

  1. Having been a few of those relationships over my younger years, including a couple of equally long standing ones I can see why ‘forbidden’ seems a silly word.

    My ‘fwb’ relationships were based on mutual understanding, mutual desire, deep trust and a great big dollop of fun. I always saw them as a natural extension of my daily life and I’m still friends with some of them (though without the benefits now) because of my long term relationship. My FWB relationships have proved far from forbidden but actually really good rewarding experiences

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