Month: July 2016

Business for Sale…

… please share.

Last year I bought a

Shieling Family Dryer

From this very friendly gentlemen called David.

A few minutes ago I received an email which I am supposed to forward to everyone I know.

David and his lovely wife would like to sell their camping business on the

Isle of Mull.

So here I go. Posted on my blog asking you to share, forward, re-tweet, send, post-

I reckon you get the point!

For further information, please click the link and/or get in contact if you are interested in this fantastic opportunity!


Many many thanks in advance, have a great Sunday!


A dream is just a dream

I am a bit fed up!

And I am sooooo tired (and even more), because Cash kept  my husband and me awake the whole night!

But the main reason why I am fed up is because of this wonderful dream I had before I just woke up:

I dreamed I have these incredible good looking hipbones which where very visibly poking out of my flesh (in a good way of course, not dripping with blood like spare ribs!)

And then I woke up and reality hit me, visible hipbones gone…

Maybe I should start the morning with something to eat!

Yes, that might be a good start!

Good weekend everyone (it is weekend, isn’t it? I always loose track of time when it is summer term)!


Happy Vegan???

Why? Why me? Why do I belong to the ones on the other side???

For three or four weeks now I am on a vegan diet. Well no. The word “diet” is not appropriate as I never diet. The word “diet” is often associated with restricted calorie intake/less food.

In my case I eat like a horse! That is the only good thing so far!

Before my vegan lifestyle, I heard and read so many things about veganism, how people lost a lot of weight, how their skin was glowing, how healthy and energetic and frankly super good they are doing.

Me? I didn’t experience any of the above mentioned symptoms. The only thing I realized, I am feeling lighter despite the fact that I eat so huge amounts of fruit and veg.

It is the same when I got pregnant, I couldn’t wait to have this incredible baby bump and look all cute… The reality was, I just looked fat with a huge baby bump and huge ass where you could have put a tea cup on each bum cheek. Reckon you look fat when you gain 60 pounds!

Then when I started breastfeeding, I was assured, to loose the weight without doing anything as you burn calories while feeding the baby. Yeah, that was a good one! I had to fight for every single pound and really lost them when I stopped   breastfeeding!

So what about the hailed vegan transformation?! Where is the slender body??? The glow??? It’s not that I feel lethargic or hungry… but why don’t my love handles melt?! Huh? At least that! Is that too much asked for? They are really persistent which is a outrage!!!

Yes, yes I know it takes time…the body needs between three and six month to detox from animal products and no, I will not go back but still, for once I would like to fit in like everyone else, BIG SIGH…


Funny dirty talk while running

While running through the woods today, my husband asked

“Would you like some sex?”

“No!”, I replied.

“I could beat you with my huge one”, he went on.

“Why? Do you want to knock me out with it?”, I asked…

Good to know we are still silly with each other after 6 years of being together!


Wish to have the flu?!

In a moment of madness or shall I rather call it sheer desperation, I wished I have the flu!

What happened?

I was in bed rather early yesterday due to overeating! I had dinner and a whole bag of sweet popcorn. Usually I do one or the other because I know I will feel sick, if I have both but yesterday I was just greedy.

So off to bed I went, feeling too full. I was turning and tossing around and when I finally fell asleep, Cash kept on waking me up either by putting his leg over my neck or searching in his sleep for me and finally at 4am he sat straight in the middle of the bed, asking for cocoa over and over again until I got up; still with my sleeping mask on!

When we returned to bed, he quickly fell asleep but has been restless and just wouldn’t let me sleep.

Close to tears I thought,

I wish I had the flu! When you have the flu at least you sleep! And when you can’t sleep you swallow a concoction which knocks you out for the next 24h!

Totally forgotten, that when you have the flu and 4 children at home, it doesn’t matter whether you are ill or not, there is no chance that you can sneak into bed for a nice nap! Also forgotten that you feel quite sh.tty!

Did I mention that when I got up this morning, I still felt queasy? And that I don’t have much of an appetite? Obviously my eyesight is not the best either, because when my mobile just rang, I was certain it said “hubby mobile” so I picked up with the usual

“Hello, what do you want?!” phrase just to have the nurse from the medcentre asking for me. Whoops… fortunately she found it amusing when I explained that I expected my husband to phone.

Well as for the flu or wishes in general:

Be careful what you wish for!





In my “wild days”, before I got married, I had a “friend with benefits” which lasted 13 years! Yes, you got that right!

13 YEARS!!! And we even managed to keep it hidden!

Now I can hear you say

We live in a modern world, “friends with benefits” are a common thing. True!


you should know, both, him and me, where always in  relationships when we used to meet! Though when “it” happened, I used to end my relationships as I didn’t want to cheat or keep on cheating whereas he remained in his.

Of course it was forbidden to meet, to phone and text each other on a regular basis! It was oh so naughty and that’s why it was so much fun… Forbidden? Pfffff…. really? Explain forbidden, please!

Thoughts on the one prompt word “Forbidden”.


I wish I was on an island…

…oh wait, I actually am on an island, ha ha ha….

No, seriously. I wish I was on an island, all by myself. Even if it was just for a while.

You know this moment when it happens and you think “island, please”?

My reason(s) to be on an island is quite simple:


It is too much family, too much responsibility, too much of everything and unfortunately  too little money.

We are so skint at the moment, that we can only buy the food we really need, no extras like sweets or expensive gluten free products like cereals and we use the car only if we really have to to save on fuel.

The past few month we have been very stupid. Spend our money on races, recce trips, running gear, books and food. The army has forgotten to charge for the rent and stupid as we where, we didn’t think about that when we have to pay it back, they would take such big chunks of my husbands wage. . .

I am desperate for a job. I NEED a job. A second income would be perfect. BUT the fees for a full day nursery for Cash are that high, that when I calculate the fuel in, next to nothing would be left of the wage. It is said, really. You want women to be independent, but don’t offer much help when it comes to childcare!

Another thing is our teenage daughter. A PROPER  TEENAGER who is only nice and sweet outside the house and only does as she is told when she wants something.

Try to keep calm, try to keep patient, just don’t listen, I try to tell myself everyday, but it is exhausting and everyone who has teenagers at home probably knows how I feel! What ever you do, you do it wrong. When it comes to teenager, to rebellious teenager, it seems there is no right nor wrong. You just have to sit it out, wait until said teenager moves out and drives someone else mental!

And also my body. I don’t like my body at the moment. Everywhere I can feel wobbly body parts and the fact that my little daughter Cailleach comes in the bathroom squishing my bum, saying “mummy look how it is bouncing”, doesn’t help either!

Running. I didn’t do much running. Somehow I lost my running mojo. I should train, or at least go for my usual runs, but I just can’t be bothered. I am not totally lazy though. I exercise at home, but still. I need to train, as I still have 3 more races to come. One in two weeks, the other two in September…

I know, instead of whinging, I should change something. And I do, step by step, but sometimes, just sometimes I wished I was on an island, only me, myself and I.

Thoughts of today’s prompt word “island”.


Running with love handles

A few days ago, I went for a really early morning run. The sun was still shining, it was  warm, the streets and woods quite empty and my legs felt light.

Because it was so warm, I have worn nothing but a light vest and very short shorts.

Those shorts, years ago…. or was it only one or two years ago…. where not that tiny back then!!!

And though no fat was pushing its way over the rim, I could feel my love handles jiggling while I was running.


I mean, I am not fat…not even chubby. I am 154cm and weigh (currently after I already lost 1kg) 44kg. That is slim!

Unfortunately I am not the youngest metabolism wise.

Don’t get me wrong, of course I am still a spring chicken, but at a certain age, your metabolism slows down, you have to work harder to maintain your gorgeous body and also think about what you put in your mouth!

And if you don’t take care, before you even know it you wake up, look in the mirror and wonder why there is fat where once before was muscle???

Also when you had a tummy tuck many many years ago because you had very large and heavy babies, of course fat cells on your belly are gone/removed by a very kind surgeon, so the fat parade looks for another place to camp.

In my case on my hips. Why me?! I don’t need love-handle-friends!!!

I must admit, it is a bit my fault. I had too many sugary treats recently, probably didn’t work out as I should have… but because I felt really disgusted, it triggered something.

Last year I did a bit of RT4 (raw till 4) but never went fully vegan (was a veggie for over 8 ears) until now and actually I feel quite good as I eat a lot and already lost a kg.

Losing weight is not really my goal, I rather turn jingle-bingle-jiggle-parts back into muscles. I’d like to believe they are gone by the time I do the hardmoors 60 race. Also I should get my behind moving… I was a bit lazy since a marathon two weeks ago…

Now… where is my kettle bell….and the last season 2 Broke Girls? Work out is so much easier when you can watch something funny on the internet.