Month: April 2016

The pregnancy glow

Before I got pregnant, I always admired  women walking around with their baby bumps. They looked so beautiful and this very special glow lay upon them.

I couldn’t wait for that glow but the reality was, I didn’t look at all sweet and cute and wondered why the said glow didn’t come to me…

But when I have given birth, I finally have seen it.

A little bundle of joy, with the most beautiful glow you can imagine!

What more can a mother wish?


Do I have to invite the whole class???

My four year old daughter Cailleach got invited to a birthday party again. The 3rd one so far and every time I drop her off, the parties are in indoor playgrounds, pubs or other public rooms to rent.

Every time I get there it seems as if the whole school class is invited and I wonder:

Do parents have to invite the entire class out of politeness or do the birthday children really want them all to join?

Is this a British thing to invite everyone? Or did that just change over the years?

When Dean and Dana where young, in Germany you only got to invite the “real” friends, the buddies, not the whole class. Only who was good enough for their precious child got a very important invitation. Also parties where normally held at home, only if you could effort it, parties where held elsewhere than the own 4 walls!

Unfortunately my poor children back then got next to no invitations in the first kindergarten (and school) they went to because of their wildly tattooed mommy (sorry for that, *hem*). So when we moved house and also kindergarten, I made sure to cover myself the first few month until people got to know me. What a surprise, they even got invited! But like I said, never the whole bunch.

Or did I miss something?

Here parties are never longer than two hours, which I can now understand given the fact there are 10 – 20 screaming children, also it must be quite expansive! Do they safe up for those events? I would have to save non-stop for my four.

So tell me, how do you do it? Do you rob a bank? Threaten your partner to throw the best and biggest party ever for your little ones? Spill the beans- I am curious!


When your friend confesses in you

A few days ago a dear friend of mine send me an email. Because my friends all live overseas, we keep each other more or less up to date via email. Every now and then also via Whatsapp (voice-) messages.

However. I am reading her email about her life and so on and then all of a sudden she says, a friend of hers kissed her.

We have to dig a bit deeper here.

My friend is a beautiful intelligent lady who is in a long-term loving and happy relationship with a nice man. And the man who kissed her, was or still is just a good friend, or so she thought.

They where out in town at the weekend, preparing things for a party and on the way home they stopped in a park for a rest in the sun. So they put their shopping bags on a bench and before she knew what was going on he said

“I am sorry for doing this to you, but I just have to, even knowing this will be the only time…”

and then he took her face with both hands and kissed her! She kissed him back, but stopped quickly and moved out of his grip and before she could respond he said

“I know I am selfish and I shouldn’t have because you are in a relationship but I am feeling more than just friendship and I wanted just one kiss so I would not wonder for the rest of my life, what it would be like. It will not happen again, please don’t tell XY.”

She was so baffled, she didn’t know what to say…

So she send me her story, also telling me that she didn’t confess in her boyfriend. She said, she didn’t do anything to encourage him to kiss her nor did she realize that he’s got feelings for her.

Though, she admits it was a beautiful kiss, but she loves her partner.

Only thing she doesn’t know is whether to tell her partner or not.

Hm. That is a tricky situation because

a) she kissed him back. Her partner might ask, why she did kiss him back instead of stopping him in his tracks

b) it would cause a row between the three, because she kissed him back and both males are friends with each other as well and kissing another buddies woman is a no-go (we all know that)

c) if she doesn’t tell, she has to live with it.

If I was in her shoes, and I really love my partner, I wouldn’t tell him! Why causing a row? It was a meaningless kiss and if the other part wouldn’t have started it, it would have never happened. Why stirring something up? Do I have to make my partner feel bad or angry or even insecure about something I already have forgotten hours later because it was so irrelevant?

I did that once. I was 18 (I think) and as it happened, I kissed someone back, confessed in my boyfriend because I thought he should know. I told him it didn’t mean nothing to me (it didn’t) and what did I get in return?! Pure drama! Trust gone… though he said, he would forgive me. He didn’t! He let me know every time we went somewhere. He was so jealous it was pure madness him shouting at me even when another man only looked in my direction. In the end I just had to end it, I couldn’t take it anymore!

If she doesn’t want to hide even a “white-lie”, she might has to live with the consequences:

  • A real man fight (yeehaaaaa where is the popcorn, the coke and a chair?)
  • Accusations regarding why she kissed him back, of her causing it, of flirting with him…
  • Trust issues
  • Split

Do I want to give me the above mentioned when I am happy in my relationship? No I don’t and that is what I told her. But of course it is up to her.

How would you react if it would happen to you or your partner would confess something like that?


Finally ran a marathon- by accident!

Today husband and me drove to Muker to do a DT30 (Dales Trails 30km run) recce run.

We met with our friend whom we know from our weekly Saturday run in Reeth and she joined us for a couple of miles and also knew the route.

After our ways parted we made our ways armed with a description and a map towards Tann hill Inn, UK’s highest pub.

Underfoot was very wet, very muddy, very boggy, very rocky….aww very everything actually. More than once I was knee deep in mud and water!

But we made our way, we stopped a few times to take pictures, check if we are still on the right trail, have something to eat and drink.

When we reached Tan Hill Inn, it was easy. Just follow the Pennine Way back towards Muker to the waterfall. Turn left then through tiny gate. Ignore bridge, follow public footpath signs until you reach Holms Bridge/finish.

Or so we understood the description!  When we finally reached said bridge (on the way I asked some hikers if we are on the way to Muker which we were), we ran across the fields back from where we started and my running watch said what?!

26.4 miles. How could we add that much???

However. We felt great. I finally ran a marathon. Actually I thought I would feel super duper great. But all I thought was

“when I can run a marathon without feeling exhausted, surely I can run further next time I am out…”

Obviously I belong to the greedy ones, who can’t get enough. Fine with me!

But for now I have to rub a ton of tiger balm on my knee. Next weekend I am determent to run the route again!


When people around you feel sick and you try to stay healthy

Yesterday my husband said, he feels a bit sickly, a bit queasy.

All I could think of was this image which says…                                   Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik stay away from me. I really can’t afford to catch anything! I am sorry for you, though I don’t feel really sorry (yeah, I know, selfish me)…. but please do me a favour, keep your germs to yourself!

Yesterday I made plans to run/recce the DT30 coming Sunday. For those who don’t know what that is:

It is the “Dales Trails 30km” run, starting in Muker, going up to Tan Hill Inn (Britain’s highest pub) and down along the Pennine Way back to Muker.

Also I found another runner who is willing to run with me and I don’t want to let him down! Plus I always look forward to those long runs and especially making new friends! And if I get lost in the middle of nowhere, at least I won’t be alone!

However… after I went to Holland&Barrett yesterday with hubby (he was kind enough to spend some precious quality time by walking wifey to the shop, clearly he loves me more than I love him) to get me some vegan marshmallows, which I ate straight away the second we got home, I started to feel a bit queasy myself.

AND to my horror I developed a HUGE, HUGE broccoli right under my nose! This herpes is very nasty and defaced my for once flawless face entirely!!! *sobs*

And I still feel queasy. I DON’T WANT THAT!!! So what am I going to do? I was thinking about some crackers… chickpea crackers or so… something light for the stomach.

Maybe I will cook a chicken soup. Though I was dreaming about a mushroom stroganoff, but that might be a bit too strong.

Hmmm….. decisions, decisions….maybe I should start with doing “cat-wash” and getting dressed.

Or maybe I just wake up husband to make him go to the shop for me…

Decisions, decisions… keep your fingers crossed that I will feel better soon.