My sofa and half marathons are no friends

Last Saturday I was running the Coniston 14 half marathon.

The whole week I was quite lazy on my sofa and I found 3 million excuses to not go for a run, not even a little morning stroll to school.

My ankle was still half open and therefor very sore from a previous run and I wanted it to heal-

as you can tell, another lame excuse.

However. The night before the run, I checked the route description. For some reason I thought a road run around a lake would be flat, but the route description told me otherwise. I should have  known since it was in Cumbria.

“…first 5 miles uphill…” Wonderful… Well, how bad could it be? I will be a bit out of breath for the first 30 minutes and then be fine, or so I thought

Pah, yeah that was a nice dream. The reality was different:

When I started to run, I was out of breath. And at some point, I wondered when these 5 miles finally end, as after that it was said, it would be more even. Fair enough it was even, for maybes 2 miles or so.

After that it was constantly up and down, up and down AND when I spotted the 8 mile sign, I got angry as I was very certain, that I already passed said sign!

On I went. The landscape was really beautiful, unfortunately the other runners seem just to run on their own. No one chatted to each other and when I tried to talk to another lady who was running next to me, she just stared straight ahead. “Don’t then”, I thought.

Near the end all of a sudden was another huge mocking sign which said

“Half Marathon Distance”. They just topped 2 more miles . How cheeky is that?!

During this run, I had to

  • walk the hills
  • tie my shoe again
  • walk to drink and eat (didn’t figure out how to do it at the same time, yet)
  • shake my hands out, as they where so swollen (due to a new drink), my fingers looked like sausages
  • burst a huge blood blister after the run

Now all I have to deal with, is a very hurting toe nail, which high likely will fall off. Well that happens, when you wear no proper shoes.

Things I learned:

  • Try new sport drinks before a big event
  • Run at least one long run with your preferred  running shoes
  • Run at least once or twice before a race
  • Never underestimate a road run


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