Month: February 2016

Dress you up

I gonna dress you up in bright smiles. Your beautiful eyes smile at me whenever I gaze into them. They warm everyone’s heart in a cold winters night.

I gonna dress you up in laughter. Your giggles are like a sweet melody for my ears.

I gonna dress you up in a holiday. You are skipping ever so light like a stone over the ocean while a warm summer breeze shines upon you.

I gonna dress you up in adventures. The world is your oyster, so go shine like a diamond and take what you desire.

I gonna dress you up in music. I love to see you dance. No care in the world. Music will remind you of good and bad times but will last forever in your mind.

I gonna dress you up in crime. Go wild.  Go crazy. Live life to the fullest.

I gonna dress you up in no regrets. It is good not to regret as you can’t change the past.

I gonna dress you up in love. From the earth to the moon and back. Love is all around and waiting for you.

I gonna dress you up


Breastfeeding- I am disgusted!

Just to get this straight, I am not one of those feminists (no offense) who go out and think they have to fight for every little oh so important female thing,

but I just read on the news for the x time, how breastfeeding women get told to cover  up or even leave public establishments and how ashamed and humiliated those mums feel.

I have breastfed 3 of my 4 children (poor firstborn was unlucky because his mommy was too young and stupid due to lack of knowledge and/or not proper developed brain then, so he got formula milk).

Yes, at first I felt a bit uncomfortable with feeding in public places and tried to get the screaming red faced little bundle attached to the huge full boobs as fast as possible, but after a while I got used to it.

Not that I was keen of flashing bare skin, but hey, baby screams, so you feed, right?

Not once in all those years when I nursed my children, and I nursed the youngest for almost 14 month (greedy bugger), was I told to cover up, leave or got nasty comments.

If someone would have tried, I would have told them with a big devilish smile, in a calm manner, to mind her/his own business and if that wouldn’t have been fine I would have called the police!

I think every breastfeeding women should act like that and if they are to shy to do so, a witness should step up for her!

Often it is the older generation who makes a fuss and I wonder why that is? I am very certain that they got breastfed as well and surely no one told their mothers to go and hide in a dark cave to nurse!

Maybe it is just lack of intelligence… or non existent  manners… however:

Telling a breastfeeding mother to cover or leave is wrong and those people should shame themselves!

I think the feminist in me said it all!


I should change my page name…

… from

Franky tells it like it is


Franky is constantly ill


I shouldn’t be sick again. Normally I am a very healthy person and get sick twice a year with a bad sinus infection. That’s it.

Some people say, they are dogged by bad luck, I seem to be dogged by illness lately. Either that or I am already aging.

I like to believe that I am an old wise soul! But that doesn’t mean that I should feel and/or look like it! Ieeeeek.

Maybe in a couple of weeks I will not run all the races I signed up for, noooooo, I might roll them in my posh new shiny wheelchair, with an oxygen mask and someone who pushes me along the way!!!

What did this incapable doctor lady say recently? “Sometimes the body takes a bit longer to recover…”

My body can recover… until this sunday….because I would like to do another recce run.

The bad thing about 20km+ recce runs:

If you are not used to the terrain and the double/triple amount of hours running, you are in really bad pain towards the  end of the run and the following days.

The good thing about 20km+ recce runs:

You eat like a horse afterwards and still burn fat!!! Horse hips?! Never heard of those!

So, body, recover, pronto!!! And yes, yesssssss that was a threat!



A very long sore run…

Past Sunday, I went for a “blind date” over to the east coast to meet some lovely runners. They wanted to do a recce half marathon run, I just did it for fun and to make new friends.

So we started off. Trotted together until we hid the first steep hill which we all had to walk up. My, my, did we pant! On top of the hill we ran again until we reached the first summit of the cliff. Up there we had a lovely view all over the ocean, drank a bit, chatted and took pictures.

Off we went again, right along the cliffs until, we reached the next big hill. One of the ladies who knew the route said, “can you see the high cliff over there” and pointed far far away…”that is where have to run up to!”


So we walked and ran our way through windy fields and cliffs.

For around 30km it took us 3:23h. And at some point, my knees really started to hurt, especially my left one and I realized, that I tried not to put too much pressure on the left leg while running. I had to slow down and walk passages I usually would have run.

But we all made it back to our cars and I really enjoyed the run, the scenery and company!

After we said our good byes, I went to my car, actually hobbled would describe it better, and got in with a big satisfied sigh. But when I tried to push down the pedal, I got a really nasty cramp and quick as a weasel I jumped back out of my vehicle to stretch both my rock hard calves. Boy did that hurt!

Back in the car, I tried to push the pedal, all frightened it could happen again but I was fine.

So, very tired I made my way back home just to get stopped.

In the middle of the nowhere!

By a big yellow sign which said “Road ahead closed”!

Did I mention, I was really tired? And that my knees and back (from carrying my running rucksack) really hurt???

So I told my satnav to find an alternative route. The first alternative wanted to send me the same way, the second (which I had to take) added whole 10km to my journey!!!

Back home I dived into a nice hot magnesium bath and soaked for a long time and after it I have eaten forever. Also I think I drank over 3l though I was drinking during the run as well.

Yesterday I woke up in pure agony! I felt so so old. Like Medusa! Every single bone in my body and muscles I didn’t even know exist hurt, my eyes where stinging, my throat was and still is, sore, headache. The full program.

But hey, it was worth it and if I want to become a good long distance runner, I just have to press my ass-cheeks together!

For now:

Back to my sofa, watching tv wrapped up in my nice warm blanket!