God, running & me

Yesterday morning, I went to Reeth in Swaledale for my usual 7k morning run with a bunch of other lovely runners.

For those who might think “what the hell is Swaledale?”, here is a picture of a part in Swaledale:

As you can see, it is very hilly.

So when I drove along in my car, the temperature dropped down to 3C, it was very windy and on top of that it started to rain.

Not the best conditions for a run, also husband said, I was stupid to go for a run in the morning, when we will do a 10k night race in the evening as well. I would be too knackered and not make it…

When I arrived, I went straight to the shop where we all meet, had a little chat with the others and than 9:30am on the dot the shop owner send us out, timing us as per usual.

It was only a bit of rain every now and then but the wind got so strong, that I couldn’t breath properly and it blew straight into my face. On the open field it got really bad and for a second I thought about a DNF (did not finish).

A DNF on a 7k route? That was just ridiculous. I was warm, I was awake, so on I went.

Then I came to the hill section:

You see that hill at the back? That’s where we run up. But because the wind was so strong, I didn’t even try to run it up.

I walked it up. Very slowly with the wind pushing me backwards.

Again I sounded like an old engine which was falling apart and if that wasn’t enough, I felt something around my bum. When I turned around, I have seen this:

You know these monster of dogs are huge, right? And I am a very short person… It was sniffing all around me, obviously it liked the smell of sweat.

Fortunately it was harmless and the owner called it back after some minutes!

When I was almost up the hill, lungs where screaming at that point, I had to turn right and that did it!

The wind was blowing in my back. It was so strong, it felt like someone was pushing me up the hill.

I looked up in the sky and said over and over again

“Thank you God, just push me a bit further”.

Well, what can I say? He pushed me all the way back to the shop, I was flying, my legs almost gone without the rest of me and it felt great.

You might just think, it was just the wind, get over with, but I like to believe, that God did hear my very weak whiny thoughts and helped me a bit.

He did the same in the evening when hubby and me did the night race.

We went to Osmotherley for a 10k night run and this was part of the route:

We have been ankle deep in mud, water, through a beck, over roots… well almost everything you can imagine when trail running.

I was running up a hilly section again and when I thought, I can’t make it anymore it went downhill for a long time and I picked up speed, overtook some people and my legs didn’t feel so tired anymore.

It was great fun. Too bad I didn’t see when my husband fell straight into knee deep puddles, getting all soaked, hehehehehe.

God must have remembered how husband lost the rag with poor wifey in the car minutes before the race over a song he insisted was from Tracy Chapman but really was from Dido (proofed him wrong the second we got home on YouTube!!!)

We shall not forget:

God hears and sees everything!!! giggles…


P.S.: Of course I made the race, guess my time was 1h for 10k. Will find out results today!!! Proven hubby wrong- again!

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