When you come home…

… and find a black cave!!!

I start to believe that my husband is suffering from paranoia!

In “his” room, aka our dining room, he closes the curtains the very second he comes home. Never mind whether there is beautiful sunshine out site or not.

According to him, no one needs to see the “messy room”. With messy he means toys lying around on the floor! And if someone would see his computer, they will break in and steal it.

Okay, a bit of over reacting here if you ask me.

However. When Cash and Cailleach got back from a quick walk to the shops, I found this:

At least it felt like it

All spooky and dark and I wonder, WHY??? The kitchen was dark, the hall was dark and of course the dining room as well.

It is really getting on my nerves. I opened all curtains in the morning, I mustn’t do that several times a day! If I would see a house in bright day light with shut curtains, I would presume no one is at home. And if I was a thief I would use the opportunity to get me some nice goodies!

Maybe he secretly thinks, he is a bat and is only happy in a dark environment? Yes that must be it! But then again, a bat is black and fury… last time I saw my husband he was bold!

Well let’s hope next week during the holidays he forgets about his bat-cave attitude, otherwise I can already see me counting the hours until he returns back to work!


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