Breastfeeding- I am disgusted!

Just to get this straight, I am not one of those feminists (no offense) who go out and think they have to fight for every little oh so important female thing,

but I just read on the news for the x time, how breastfeeding women get told to cover  up or even leave public establishments and how ashamed and humiliated those mums feel.

I have breastfed 3 of my 4 children (poor firstborn was unlucky because his mommy was too young and stupid due to lack of knowledge and/or not proper developed brain then, so he got formula milk).

Yes, at first I felt a bit uncomfortable with feeding in public places and tried to get the screaming red faced little bundle attached to the huge full boobs as fast as possible, but after a while I got used to it.

Not that I was keen of flashing bare skin, but hey, baby screams, so you feed, right?

Not once in all those years when I nursed my children, and I nursed the youngest for almost 14 month (greedy bugger), was I told to cover up, leave or got nasty comments.

If someone would have tried, I would have told them with a big devilish smile, in a calm manner, to mind her/his own business and if that wouldn’t have been fine I would have called the police!

I think every breastfeeding women should act like that and if they are to shy to do so, a witness should step up for her!

Often it is the older generation who makes a fuss and I wonder why that is? I am very certain that they got breastfed as well and surely no one told their mothers to go and hide in a dark cave to nurse!

Maybe it is just lack of intelligence… or non existent  manners… however:

Telling a breastfeeding mother to cover or leave is wrong and those people should shame themselves!

I think the feminist in me said it all!


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