A very long sore run…

Past Sunday, I went for a “blind date” over to the east coast to meet some lovely runners. They wanted to do a recce half marathon run, I just did it for fun and to make new friends.

So we started off. Trotted together until we hid the first steep hill which we all had to walk up. My, my, did we pant! On top of the hill we ran again until we reached the first summit of the cliff. Up there we had a lovely view all over the ocean, drank a bit, chatted and took pictures.

Off we went again, right along the cliffs until, we reached the next big hill. One of the ladies who knew the route said, “can you see the high cliff over there” and pointed far far away…”that is where have to run up to!”


So we walked and ran our way through windy fields and cliffs.

For around 30km it took us 3:23h. And at some point, my knees really started to hurt, especially my left one and I realized, that I tried not to put too much pressure on the left leg while running. I had to slow down and walk passages I usually would have run.

But we all made it back to our cars and I really enjoyed the run, the scenery and company!

After we said our good byes, I went to my car, actually hobbled would describe it better, and got in with a big satisfied sigh. But when I tried to push down the pedal, I got a really nasty cramp and quick as a weasel I jumped back out of my vehicle to stretch both my rock hard calves. Boy did that hurt!

Back in the car, I tried to push the pedal, all frightened it could happen again but I was fine.

So, very tired I made my way back home just to get stopped.

In the middle of the nowhere!

By a big yellow sign which said “Road ahead closed”!

Did I mention, I was really tired? And that my knees and back (from carrying my running rucksack) really hurt???

So I told my satnav to find an alternative route. The first alternative wanted to send me the same way, the second (which I had to take) added whole 10km to my journey!!!

Back home I dived into a nice hot magnesium bath and soaked for a long time and after it I have eaten forever. Also I think I drank over 3l though I was drinking during the run as well.

Yesterday I woke up in pure agony! I felt so so old. Like Medusa! Every single bone in my body and muscles I didn’t even know exist hurt, my eyes where stinging, my throat was and still is, sore, headache. The full program.

But hey, it was worth it and if I want to become a good long distance runner, I just have to press my ass-cheeks together!

For now:

Back to my sofa, watching tv wrapped up in my nice warm blanket!


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