I am walking through a shop and all of a sudden I can hear Marvin Gaye’s “I want you”. This song makes me smile as it brings back sweet memories.

I used to date a man and I wanted him so so bad. I know he wanted me too but refused to get caught in a serious relationship.

One day after work I send him a simple sms:

“Are you available this afternoon?”

“Yes, I will be here!”, was his instant reply.

I got all excited, drove home and got ready for my date.

When I arrived, I rang his bell… the door opened. I took my time walking up to the 3rd floor wearing nothing but my black t-strap high-heels and a cherry red knee length coat with tiger print lining.

Just before I turned around to walk up the last few stairs I opened my coat. I walked slowly with a smile on my lips.

When he has seen me, he gasped “oh shit”.

The second I arrived at his doorstep he grabbed and kissed me. He was so greedy, his needy fingers sliding inside me without hesitation.

“You are so wet… wet for me”, he murmured. A groan was all I could manage while undoing his jeans.

He pushed me inside, shutting the door with his foot he pressed me over to the opposite door. We stood right in the door frame. The kitchen window was open, on the other side of the street workers on a scaffold.

We didn’t mind if they would see us. We where caught in the moment. There was no nice love-making. It was quick, it was hard, it was from behind, me bending forward, feeling him very deep and rough.

As quick as it began it ended. A man and a woman. Breathless and satisfied.

“Thank you”, I smiled, kissed him one last time and went back to my car.

That day I didn’t want sweet, I didn’t want to persuade him, to make him see and admit that his feelings are just the same. I just wanted sex.

On the way back home in my car I turned the radio on.

Marvin Gaye sang “I want you”…

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