It is late in the evening as they are walking down the street , side by side, barely touching, to her house.  No jackets are needed as it is still warm. Talking they stop in front of the big entrance. A strong brick wall surrounds the old mansion, the iron gate is shut, behind a small lawn covered in  little white and pink daisies, their petals up to get a good nights sleep.

“This is my home”, she says, stopping. “This is your home? I didn’t know you live in this area. It is a beautiful old house. I always wondered what it looks like from the inside”, he answered. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that, he thought to himself.

Her heart starts to beat. It beats fast, her eyes wide, “thank you for the nice evening and walking me home. I better go in”, she says and turns around  to open the gate. Without a word he grabs her wrist, yanking her towards him, looping one arm around her.

“Stop running from me”, he says with his deep smooth voice while looking her in the eyes.

Her hands are on his chest, trying to push him and her feelings away. She doesn’t want feelings. Feelings mean you are vulnerable. Her heart is in pieces and better that way. I can feel his heartbeat under my hands, it feels nice, but it shouldn’t, so many thoughts are in her mind.

The world around them seems to stop. No birds are chirping, the streets empty. Slowly he bends down, focusing on her sweet full lips. After month of trying to get through to her, he kisses her softly. She is not moving, her hands still in defense on his muscular chest. Moving his lips over hers, barely touching she comes alive. Still hesitant she kisses him back.

He doesn’t want to, but he stops. Hovering over her mouth he whispers, “You need to let me in… I want to be with you”. Seconds pass while they look at each other.

She doesn’t say a thing, she just stares.

“I am begging you, kiss me” he says. She breaks. Her hands warm on his chest, she stands on her tip toes and kisses him.  He let go of her hand, grabs the back of her head, pulling her even closer, a kiss so deep it goes all through her body. When he bites her lips she moans softly, her hands wandering over his chest up to his tattooed neck, stroking down his back over his firm manly bottom.

Tensing he picks her up, her legs around his hips he walks over to the brick wall and sits her down, their lips never parting, kissing, teasing, tongues playing with each other.

Her hands in his curly ginger short hair, lost in the moment she is kissing his neck, pressing her body into his, her nipples hard under her soft red tea dress.

“What a tease”, he groans. . .


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