When you don’t want “it”

  1. I am so00 tired

  2. I have headache

  3. I’m on my period

  4. The dog needs to go for a walk

  5. The cat is ill

  6. The water is boiling

  7. “Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson looks really good”

  8. Are you sure you lost that much weight?!

  9. Tell me what you are thinking

  10. Last time it wasn’t such a great “performance”

  11. The children can hear us

  12. I am coming down with something

  13. I am too hungry

  14. I am too stressed

  15. Do you really love me?

  16. How much do you love me?

  17. Can the cat stay in the bed?

  18. I am feeling pressured

  19. I have to scrub the toilet first

If above mentioned hints are of non avail:

    20. F…. OFF!!!

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