Why Do I Deserve…

Why do I deserve to get woken up at 6:20am on a Saturday by Cash???

Why do I deserve that big mouth of my daughter???

Why do I deserve the mess in the morning though when I went to bed it was still tidy???

Why do I deserve the mixed up times by the hairdresser and therefor didn’t get a haircut???

Why do I deserve wet feet while running through fields when it is -2C???

Fate decided to wake you up because you put Cash early to bed!!!

Fate decided your daughter should have a big mouth because it wanted you to see what is it like as you where just the same!!!

Fate decided to leave mess in the mornings to make sure you are not bored!!!

Fate decided to mix the times up to teach you patience!!!

Fate decided to give you wet feet because you need to learn how to pull through!!!


Well fate, thanks for that! Exactly what I need…



5 thoughts on “Why Do I Deserve…

  1. These are things that happen with everyone. We all need to take them in our stride and cope as best as possible without allowing them to take a hold on us. But I like your style of writing!

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