Out Of Place

Today was an other situation where I felt out of place- again.

When I drove my daughter to a birthday party, I realized that it probably be a better idea just to stay the two hours (she was invited to a laser tack party), as it was a 30 minutes drive. I imagined me chatting with the mother(s) over a cup of tea. “Yes, why not” I thought…

But when we arrived and I introduced myself, I thought “no, no, noooooo, I better go home”. The parents of the birthday girl looked a bit like that:

Nothing wrong with it, no offense. I know, I know, you should never judge a book by its cover and I don’t. The first few seconds or even minutes of a conversation are the most important, the first expression is important. And in my case…. there was nothing.. my mind was blank… no connection… in fact they’ve been so… hm…. how to put it…. ordinary I didn’t even recognize the father when I picked up my daughter. He must have thought of me being rude, but it was really not my intention! REALLY!

They where friendly, don’t get me wrong, but they seemed so different to my friends and me.

When I make friends, we usually have a lot in common and are very alike.

People like the ones on the picture (a bit petty bourgeois, don’t you think?) normally don’t mix with people like me. They rather change the path or hold their handbag tight.

I am pretty heavy tattooed and so are most of my friends. We can be loud and have a big mouth but don’t mean no harm. We are the sort who parties until the staff asks us nicely with a worried face if we are happy to leave now (always makes me giggle). But we are real!

A few weeks ago, I had to attend a Christmas do with my husband and his colleagues and it was the very same. They where polite enough to talk to me, but the signals where very clear:

You are tolerated but we are not really interested.

My sister said, I should sum up with them. They might have friends I really like so I can than ditch the one I don’t like but that is against my nature. I couldn’t do that!

I wonder how you would call that? People hopping? Or just underhandedness???

It is not that I want to strive against the stream. Also I never strive with the stream, I just strive with a slightly different stream, I guess.

Hm. Maybe it is me. Maybe I should swap my Fred Perry Polos and skirts for flowery blouses and pleated pants, go like a good wifey to coffee mornings, get my fake nails done and gossip with my “friends” about the latest trends and who split up from who while we shop around town…

Maybe it is me! Maybe they are not petty bourgeois, it is rather that I am not grown up, yet. Maybe I am just too picky and I should get my head out of the clouds, or I am too cocky?

I go with the last, yeah I am confident enough to say, I love the way I am and stay true to myself. Works perfectly fine!

After all, I met some lovely chatty runners this morning in Swaledale. See, when you do have something in common, it works!


Franky Boy Couldn’t Say It Better!!!

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