How does it feel?

How does it feel to be rejected? When I deny your kisses? Your lips which ones where so passionate, so hot, so sweet, so soft upon mine.

How does it feel when all you can think of is to be near me? When you want to touch me but can’t, when you try to phone me, but don’t know my number, when you try to find me, but I am invisible.

How does it feel to live without me? Not to hear my voice, whispering naughty secrets in your ear, not to have me in your arms, hugging you so tight you think you suffocate.

How does it feel not to have my naked body around you? To smell me, to want my lips, to take me, to own me.

How does it feel to think I will be with you any minute but don’t? To wish for the phone to ring, to turn up at our favourite place.

Does it hurt? Do you wish for the world to stop? Are you feeling empty? Is something lost? Did your heart stop beating?

Now you know how I feel

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