Highly Unsatisfied!!!

I have to let off steam. A LOT OF STEAM!!! I am so angry…

I did it again. I went for a doctors appointment to our medcentre in camp. I wasted my time- again.

For weeks now I am not feeling great. It started with a flu, than got better but already a really bad cold was in line, waiting to continue the sick party!

My head is hurting, my belly is bloated and hurts over my c-scar, eyes are stinging and I feel constantly tired AND something hurts on my spine, like a bruise…

So when I was called in to the doc, I told her all my symptoms, she looked into my mouth, eyes, ears, touched my belly and back and asked some random questions.

In the end she said, without checking me properly, that sometimes the body needs more recovery time, I should just wait a few weeks. There is nothing she could do for me!

Iiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeekssssssss, sorry WHAT???? A FEW WEEKS??? NOTHING SHE CAN DO???

What about checking my spine properly which constantly hurts? What about a scan on my c-section scar?

I know they only have 15 minutes per patient and they probably work under pressure as well… yes, I could have insisted to get treated properly, but when I go to a doc, I expect their full attention, maybe even a referral somewhere else. SOMETHING… but the feeling I got was a it-is-4-o’clock-time-to-go-home one!

And if that wasn’t enough, I was send down to the reception to book a blood test I requested (at least something). So like a good sheep I went down with my two very impatient and hungry little ones, waiting right by the desk just to get ignored for over 10 minutes by the nurse, busy with phone calls and other squaddies.

That was enough! I grabbed my crying and screaming toddler while sweating my ass off, grabbing toddler number two who was running up and down the corridor and left without a word.

If I would have said something, it wouldn’t have been nice at all and there was a huge sign behind the counter on the wall, that rude behavior towards the staff will  not be tolerated, so where is the point? Also didn’t want to get hubby in the poop!

Those are moments where I wonder what it must feel like to have money, to be wealthy enough to afford a private health insurance so you can choose the doctor.

So, rant over!


2 thoughts on “Highly Unsatisfied!!!

  1. Hope your feeling better soon I’m getting over the flu myself and have a cold ugh I k ow how your feeling and my body has been in pain because of it😕 lots of sleep and Medicine and soup

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