Past Life


Yesterday when I lay in bed late (I couldn’t put Pepper Winter’s book away) a thought crossed my mind:

What happens after we die? Will we be really reborn like the bible says? Is there such thing as a past life?

Often we hear of transmigration, of past life therapies where you are in trance and go back in life and I always wonder if it is true what those people/patients “see” and “relive”?

Reincarnation….what if it really exists? Whould you be happy to be reborn, happy to join this earth again?

Every time I heard that during mass, I got goosebumps and I just couldn’t imagine me coming back. To me, for many years, life was nothing but pain, a struggle, a led down in many different facets and I felt hurt. Wherever I lived, wherever I traveled, I never felt truly happy or home. Don’t get me wrong, I also had a lot of fun but when everything was quiet around me I felt nothing but emptiness.

And if God would have given me the option, I would have said “no”to reincarnation.

The funny thing on the other hand is, that I often have flashbacks, often I think, I dreamed this before it would happen. And that is a crazy thing, is it not? To say, I knew it would happen because I have seen it in my dreams, is kind of weird!

Another thing is the UK thing. If there is a past life, I am very certain I must have lived in the UK. Ever since I can remember I was fascinated by the British. I watched British children shows and read my brothers school books though I didn’t understand a word and later in school I would write all words in English class (both, German and English) correct but not in German class.

And when I visited England for the first time it finally felt right. It was as someone switched a button, but back home I was my old not so happy self…….

I found true love eventually and if God would ask me now:

Would you like to relive everything again…maybe a bit different…and walk the rocky path to find your true love, would you do it?  Would you want me to send you back?

The answer would be “yes”.

Sure there are periods in life which are hard, we struggle, we wonder when it will get better, we worry about how to pay the bills, how to get food on the table, how to raise our children, where we will end up in life, where love is, and sometimes we think we are dogged by bad luck which seems to be stuck with us forever…. but  there is always light at the end of the tunnel and who knows, maybe at the end of this tunnel is an after life……..



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