Darling, I am ill AND…

…no, I can’t put up with our teenage-daughter and her attitude. We all know she is a lazy cow, takes us for granted and taking instead of the little finger the whole arm!!!

…no, I can’t show you where the specific food you asked for is! It is in the food cupboard along with his food buddies… Just open your eyes, you are wearing glasses after all!

…no, I can’t cook, I can’t be bothered, my head is hurting. You will be able to fix something without getting food poisoning!

…no, I can’t tidy up and I am well aware that the house is a tip, covered in snotty tissues, welcoming a germ-party!

…no, I can’t and don’t want to do a single thing until I am recovered. All I want to do is to lie around… on the sofa or in my bed, coughing my lungs out, making a mess with  big white fluffy clouds of tissues!

But thank you for tidying up. Look, you did such a good job, maybe you could keep that up for rest of our days? That would be greatly and well appreciated!



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