Joining the dying swans…

Two days ago, my two little babies and husband fell ill. They all have the flu and husband is, as per usual, the worst of them!

Every time he falls ill, he complains and wails that no one is taking care of him, that when I am ill, he is all over me, fulfilling all my wishes, but when he is ill, no one gives a sh.t (his words)!

His wailing list goes on and on. . .

I on the other hand think, if he can still sit on the computer, he can’t be that ill!!!

As for my little babies, the have all the right in the world to whine, they are still little and don’t know better.

BUT what I can’t forgive is:

  • That they coughed with great delight in my face while sleeping.
  • That they also coughed with great delight in, around and near my food, looking like little elves with long ears and pointy sharp teeth.
  • That one child sneaked in my bed to rest, wiping her nose all over my cushion.

They are spreading their germs all over the place, having a great party knowing that once mummy is ill, she can spend a lot of time at home with them.

Of course they don’t care, that mummy has a strict schedule regarding her marathon training and the last thing she needs is to lay ill on the sofa!

I bet they did that on PURPOSE!!! They must have planned it!

I should have known that something is coming for me when I was out for a run yesterday. My legs felt really heavy, like elephant legs glued to the floor and my breathing was difficult. I think I stopped at least 4 times. I thought it was because of the longer run the day before and that I just needed a rest day.

Turned out this morning I am wrong. I AM NOT IMPRESSED!!!

So I will join my dying swans now…with a lot of tablets, which I acquired first thing in the morning after driving the two older babies to school, went shopping, did the laundry, made breakfast for oh-so-ill husband and cooked lunch!!!

Okay and lastly:

To hubbies defense: He did the shopping yesterday (I handed him a long list, evil me) and he offered to drive the babies to school today, so he isn’t that bad after all…


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