Why not keeping Christmas simple?!

Though I am not in Christmas mood (the spirit must have forgotten me and just past by, maybe I should work on my appearance), my Christmas shopping normally starts around November!

I am like the bunny from Alice In Wonderland, being busy, running like the devil itself is behind me, hunting for gifts for my beloved… AND

because I think, if I get the shopping done early, my husband can’t get any because we already have what we need!

Silly me thinks that every year and every year I am wrong! Every year we start to argue about how many gifts our brute should get. Don’t get me wrong, it is nothing wrong with spoiling your children, but I personally think it is easy to over-do it.

It is not that I want to be tight (well, maybe a bit plus I am not Rockefeller nor does the money grow out of my pocket, sadly), I just think 2 or a maximum of 3 gifts  each should be more than enough, especially when they also asked for them (that is a double +)!

When I told my older children, that they wouldn’t get more than 2 (because they already got mountain bikes), Dana complained instantly! See, and that is my point! The more they get, the more they want and expect.

Hubby on the other site wants to spoil them and every year comes with the ridicules comment, that all British children get a whole lot of gifts for presents and that they compare in school how much each got and that they would make fun of Dean and Dana if they wouldn’t get more!

I never heard such nonsense!

So every year we argue. He has his point, I have mine. I am always very content and happy with my already wrapped goodies stacked away and he destroys all my effort by sitting on his computer clicking through the web, buying lots of additional things, all happy with big eyes. If he was a dog, he would wag his tail now!!!

After all Christmas is about family, spending time together, thinking about the past year, thinking about what the next will bring


I am panting here, and my veins are sticking out…  but they will disappear soon and hide until next year this time!


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