Mouse & The Soldier Dads

Today when Cash, Mouse and me walked to the chemist in camp, Mouse was squealing and singing very loud. Annoyingly loud! I am ill and have headache….

So I said to her,

“Mouse, if you keep on screaming like that, all the soldier dads will come out with their guns to shoot us in the bum!”

She looked at me with big eyes, asking

“Will they come and shoot us?”

“Yes, in the bum, so you better be very quiet now”, I replied.

The 40 minutes walk back home was a bliss. Pure silence! Whenever I wanted to say something, Mouse looked around and whispered

“Mummie, you need to be quiet or the evil soldier dads with their guns will come!”

Aaaah me, the evil mummie…

Well in the end I explained to her, that there are no evil soldier dads, that the soldier dads are all good dads and here to protect us and her reply was, “like my daddy?” She can be so cute when she wants to…



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