Month: November 2015

He sees my true colours

I just stood in the kitchen, peeling potatoes for an irish stew when

Cindy Lauper’s “True Colours” popped up in radio. I must have heard this song a million times before, but for some reason I stopped peeling the potatoes and listened…

My husband asked me, I don’t know how often, “why do you love me?” and I always replied “because I do!” as I didn’t have a proper answer to his question.

But know I do!

I love my husband because he sees my true colours! He sees me, not the way I look, my clothes or my tattoos, my blue-grey eyes or long brown hair, no, he sees me!

I was always looking for someone who sees the real me and not the outer shell. Once I met an actually nice man. When we have been in a conversation he was all fascinated (normally we women would be touched, right?). But than he said, “you are so exotic, like a beautiful fragile bird…” I know he meant it in a nice way, but that totally put me off, as he didn’t get me…

I was about to give up and decided to spend my days as a single, but than I found him!

So Darling, when you read this:

I love you because you see my true colours!!!


Who I am and why I’m here

Hello everyone!

I am Franky (36), mother of 4 children and married to a soldier. Currently we are living in North Yorkshire. We moved here in august and so far we love it, despite the fact that I don’t know a single person here (I find it difficult to make friends, BIG SIGH).

At the moment I am a stay at home mom, but looking forward to work again which brings me straight to the “why I am here” point:

I am here because I am looking for a purpose. I have 2 – 3 years time to figure out what to do with my life and because I always liked to write and  because I find it easier to express myself via writing I opened this blog.

I opened this blog to socialize, to have fun, to make friends and to network. Because I am still quite new to blogging I often feel like a computer-tool-dyslexic and that is why I signed up for “Blogging 101”.

I hope that  maybe I am talented enough to make a living out of writing. Or maybe I meet someone who offers me a total different job opportunity, who knows?

I am an open book, if you have questions get in touch, if you want to talk, drop me a line.

Oh and if some sentences seem odd to you, my apologies, my mother tongue is not english!


The pain with donations and dissapointment!

As I mentioned in a post before, I wanted to do the

“Ben Nevis Winter Walk” and therefore had to raise funds for the “Willow” organization.

So far so good. I posted it here, posted it on Facebook send emails to my children’s schools for support and told my family as well.

The schools mentioned it in their school newsletter, which was really kind of them and also some here shared my link (big thank you!) but, and now it comes:

On my Facebook site it was shared only 3 times of family members! I have around 65 friends (including family) on my friend list which I personally know. BUT no one shared my link nor donated a few pennies to the charity site, not even my family and I must admit, I am a bit disappointed and also feel led down.

My expectation was that they would at least share the link. If someone would ask me for help, I would help!

Also I have to say I feel for the persons who support (successfully) and raise funds for charity events or charities in general as it it really hard work!  Walking from house to house, getting in touch with other people and companies to ask for help and their money is really difficult and exhausting and in my case disappointing and mentally I bow in front of them!

Also I had to cancel my Ben Nevis trip, because my husband has an army function which he has to attend that weekend, which means if I was away, we wouldn’t have a babysitter.

I didn’t want to cancel my trip no matter what, I even phoned my sister and my parents in Germany to ask them to come over but my sister wasn’t in the mood to travel again as she just has been here recently and my parents have an appointment as well…

But they won’t get the better of me! There are some half marathons next year I want to attend. Of course you have to pay a fee to sign up and even if no one ever want to donate for my fees or gears, that is fine with me (I know how tight money is nowadays). There are always ways and I am looking forward to the events.

Tomorrow I will start with daily runs. Usually I run every second day and I can run 6 – 8 miles easily. Well 8 miles when it is flat terrain without Cash in the buggy and 6 with an imaginary oxygen mask when it is hilly.

So no, I won’t hang my head! I didn’t get the expected support, so what?! It could be worse! It will not stop me, I keep on going!