Real Neat Blog Award

Actually I only wanted to log in for the “Black Friday Sale” on (soooo angry, 15 minutes earlier and I would have gotten a real bargain, a head torch for 29,-£ normally sold for 80,-£ already sold out) and have seen that I am nominated by

Wandering Soul

Thank you so much!

The Rules:

  • Thank and link the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the seven questions the person who nominated you provided.
  • Nominate seven other bloggers.
  • Create seven new questions for the people you nominate
  • Display the logo somewhere on your blog – only if you want to. It’s an award! (Found that rule on the creator’s original post)



She had asked me the following questions:

  • Which is your favourite movie and movie character?
  • Favourite movie…. hmmmm….good question… let me think…. I answered all questions and am still thinking about this one. I think, I don’t even have a favourite movie or character. Though I love fillums with Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Julie Andrews, Judie Dench, Maggie Smith, Emily Blunt….  Those are actresses with strong personalities (at least it seems so to me) and that’s why I like them!

  • What is your favourite book and the one lesson you learned from it?
  • I have many favourite books but there is one in particular which would be the “Ma…” Series by Martha Long. It taught me, it doesn’t matter how tough life might be, you will survive it!

  • If you could say one thing to one person – living or dead, what would that be?
  • I would tell my big brother whom I didn’t speak in over 10 years, that he should have taken care about me!

  • What would be that one piece of advice you would like to give a new blogger?
  • Creativity is all around you, just open your eyes!

  • What is your biggest fear?
  • To die before it is my time.

My Nominees:

There stories are always funny and also inspirational. And because I have enough drama and hectic in my own life, it is good to laugh about others (in a nice way of course) stories and now, you are not alone!

Questions for the nominees:

  1. Do you think black or white or in between?
  2. If you could go back in time, which person would you like to meet?
  3. If you could, what would you change on this planet?
  4. Are you going with the latest trends or do you have your own style?
  5. Would you tell your friend, if he/she looks ridiculous (clothes…makeup)?
  6. Do you like to socialize or rather be on your own?
  7. Do you have goals?





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