Caked Faces

The first time when I was in Newcastle, I was shocked to see so many young girls and women with a ton of make up on their faces! Followed by a secret laugh (of course I couldn’t laugh out lout because I didn’t want to crush their confidence) and the thought

“wow, they actually look like proper drag queens… maybe they escaped the Reeperbahn.”

Tons of foundation, powder, false eyelashes, eye shadow, glossy lips, hair like “The Nanny”. . .

If you would accentuate only the eyes for example, it would be okay… but all together?! Hmmmm…. I thought the natural look is the new black!!!

Of course when you are young it is all about looks, you want to find your own style. I was just the same!

Back then my mother suggested, I should get some foundation and/or powder to cover my spots and I ask you which teenager wouldn’t cover them? So I did. But my skin was so oily, that after two hours the whole lot swam away… needless to say, that I didn’t look fresh and spotless at all!

There is one mother in Cailleachs school, who is really pretty, but the tons of foundation and powder make her skin look dull. Of course I can’t tell her, as I don’t know her. But I know my sister! I told her a couple of month ago, that her skin looks much better without powder & Co. Fresher. Even her boyfriend agreed. So she cut out some of beauty products. Good Girl!

My friend Joana for example, she “over paints” her eyebrows because they are quite fair, which is okay, but she also goes to bed like that when she is in a relationship. No man has seen her without “her eyebrows” which makes me giggle every time I think about it!

As for me, I stick to a simple routine due to my dry skin conditions now (guess I am getting older).

A nice oil cleansing with a hot cloth, followed with a self mixed oil base and eye cream, a bit mascara and a light coloured lip balm. Sometimes a bit liquid blush for rosy cheeks.

Apart from the foundation fiasco when I was a teenager, I always stuck to the “natural look”.

Every time when I see such drag queens (or maybe they want to look like Jordan???) I wonder:

When they date someone, do they remove their “fake face” and if so, will they still get recognized by their man???

Well let’s hope they still look good without make up and that no one jumps out of bed screaming who the stranger is in his bed!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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