The cruel world of mine ( but on second thought…)

Sometimes we all want to wallow in self-pity. We want to mourn. Everything and everyone is mean to us, we could do so much better…

Every now and then I like to be Bridget Jones. Well actually I feel like Bridget Jones.

Surely you know the scene when she is in that Thai prison, crying over her beloved Mark Darcy who is oh so mean to her. The other women ask her what is wrong and she says, he is so mean… The other inmates are telling her their stories of their (really not nice) boyfriends and than she realizes all red faced, that actually she is not doing too bad.

I feel like that when I turn the TV or the radio on.

Where ever you look, death is greeting you! Babies beheaded, children shot in the head, family members left to suffer, killing of innocent people just to make an useless point, news of drowning people who try to flee on boats, children who wear their families blood-soaked clothes to pretend they are dead just to survive. . . the list goes on and on.

The whole world screams, get those who are responsible and kill them, have no mercy!

But is that the answer? To kill even more people? More will follow! I don’t say, surrender, but somehow I like to believe, there must be another way to find our way back to peace and freedom.

So yes, when I see and hear the news, I feel like Bridget Jones. I realize that I am doing pretty good with a family that loves me, a hard working husband who provides a warm roof over our heads and regular warm meals!

So I thank my hubby and God for what I have!



2 thoughts on “The cruel world of mine ( but on second thought…)

  1. I love this! I do the same thing you do so don’t feel too bad about it. But it’s so great that you’re able to keep it in perspective!


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