Today’s evening run

It is funny to say it was my evening run, as it was only 4:30pm when I left the house but because it is already dark it feels like evening.

This morning I slept in and was quite annoyed that I wasn’t able to hear the alarm from my rosy cosy land of sheep. Funny thing was,  I was already half awake and wondered what time it was and when the alarm would go off.

And when the second alarm for the children went off, it was too late to go. Also I told myself that it was too stormy anyway and I am not full recovered from my flu. Lying to yourself doesn’t count as real lie, does it?!

To top my already foul mood the car wouldn’t start. Not even a peep was to hear when I tried to start the engine! I stroked said car, whispered words of love, I even begged, but silence was all I got! FINE!

So I marched poor Mouse and Cash to school and it was difficult to keep my temper under control as I really really craved a run. The rest of the morning I spend with labeling parcels I wanted to post of which I did just before I picked Mouse back up. Just imagine me and the buggy stuffed with parcels walking through the storm. Did I mention it was almost only uphill?

The day went on and on… me looking for cars via internet… babies busy with watching Cbeebies (I am a bad parent, I know).

In the end I was so frustrated, I stuffed my face with the rest Popcorn I found in the cupboard (it is not even shitty-friday)… With the veg lasagna already in my belly I felt full and fat and there was no way, I wouldn’t stay at home!

So when Dean and Dana arrived from school, I was already in my running kit. They received short instructions and off I was.

I haven’t been for a run for over 3 weeks. Downhill it was still okay despite the slippery ground. After 10 minutes a bunch of young squaddies where running towards me, still easy breathing like I was. But that changed when I met them again on the other site of the the town. They where running down hill and I tried to make my way up. Both parties heavily breathing with red faces. My lungs where screaming from the long break and from the cold air and I am still bellowing here while I write this!

I hate running in the evening as I am too tired, I am a morning person. In the morning it is no problem at all, I am like a spring chicken who speeds around full of joy in all her glory…. This energy goes down, hand in hand with the sun!

But I am still glad I did it, so hopefully tomorrow morning I will hear the first alarm and I also like to believe, that I will not be aching.

And now all I want to do is to watch yesterday’s latest episode of “Once Upon A Time”. A 2 hour special. After that I go straight to bed!


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